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Why does the long bloodsucker at the root of eyelashes run from nausea to extreme bloodsucker?

according to the Internet, aunt's eyes itch for four months, but her eyelashes are full of bloodsuckers. It's so scary. Why do bloodsuckers run to the root of eyelashes? The picture is disgusting. It's estimated that it has a lot to do with poor hygiene in daily life!

Recently, a 55 year old woman in Pinghu, Zhejiang Province, itched her right eye for 4 months. At first, she thought it was just an ordinary inflammation. She was shocked when she went to the hospital for examination. There were a lot of eggs and bodies attached to her eyelids and eyelashes.

Aunt 55 years old, right eye itched for 4 months, initially thought it was just ordinary inflammation, but not good. Hospital examination found that the root of her eyelashes attached to a lot of eggs and insects.

Dr. Xu immediately catches insects for his aunt, but the insects are alive and firmly attached to the skin. The doctor decided to cut all her eyelashes, and at the same time clean and disinfect the rest of the worms.

Dr. Xu took the worms and eggs which were not easily removed to the laboratory for examination. Through high-power microscope observation, it is found that this is a kind of infectious parasite that can cause itching. It is specialized in sucking human blood, and it can also spread infectious diseases such as typhus and typhoid fever. However, once they leave the human body, they will soon die. There are long worms in the eyelashes, which are rarely seen by doctors.

Doctor introduces, this kind of parasite scientific name is shameful pubic louse, normal it is the place that parasitize in human body pubic hair, discover it is very rare in eyelid, may be because the patient hand is unhygienic, East tickles West tickles.

The doctor reminded us that we should wash our hands frequently at ordinary times, especially the nail seams, knuckles and other parts that are easy to be infected with germs, and personal hygiene must be done well.