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Can Beijing express deliver and receive goods in November? What express can deliver goods to Beijing

Can Beijing express deliver and receive goods in November? What express can deliver goods to Beijing in December we all know that Beijing express service has been suspended recently, so we dare not use express service. Another Beijing express service industry has been ordered to carry out a 40 day rectification. There are countless documents and goods that have been delayed. There are too many troubles.

At present, many netizens say that it's very difficult to send or receive mail in Beijing, and it's the same for those from other places who want to send mail to Beijing. So did the price of Beijing Express increase in November? What kind of express can be sent to Beijing in December?

Has Beijing express increased its price in November?

Beijing's express fee will certainly rise. Although it has risen a wave in the double 11, according to the current situation, in the future, the salary of the courier will increase, and the cost of the express company will also increase, so the extra cost will naturally be counted on the consumers, after all, the wool comes from the sheep.

In the future, Beijing's express delivery will cost 100 yuan / order. After all, those who send express will have to graduate from shuoboo, or send a piece to use drone, and the time and space will directly leap to 2025. Now I hear that Beijing Express has increased its price. It is estimated that in two days, Beijing's infrastructure and infrastructure will collapse in an all-round way.

This policy is one of my most puzzling policies recently. Who will do the basic work then? The grandfathers and wives who live in the luxury houses? Why didn't they consider these factors when they built it? Now when things happen, they can solve the problem in a one size fits all way. Now the interests of the people can't be guaranteed, which has caused social chaos, so that more people will feel nothing Help and be sad.

What express delivery can be sent to Beijing in December?

At present, almost all express delivery can't reach Beijing. Many people's net Beijing mails have been rejected. Only Shunfeng and post can barely use them. This period of time is basically called farewell express delivery. Although the express delivery has been put to another place, I still get it back in the evening. I'm very angry. I waited for more than a week and withdrew one. The 19th national congress in October, the double 11th in November, and the security hidden inspection from November 20 to the end of December. I don't need to think about the double 12th. Then the Spring Festival is basically called farewell express delivery.

It's really 40 days' delay. It's better to postpone to the Spring Festival directly. The wholesale market is gone. The big shopping malls for underpants are not sold at all. It's frozen to death.

Despairing of Beijing Express, all the parts bought before were blocked on the road. As a result, Beijing even refused to let go of express delivery these days.

Are all the express delivery in Beijing trapped in the Beijing transfer center? Can I go to the transfer center to get it by myself?