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Why does the Chinese market not recall the death of 8 children caused by IKEA lethal cabinet?

IKEA's' lethal cabinet 'has killed eight young children. At present, IKEA is recalling these cabinets with potential safety hazards, but they still seem to be on sale in China. Should we treat them differently? So for families with children, we must be careful!

In May this year, a 2-year-old boy in California died of the collapse of the Malm cabinet made by IKEA, which caused public concern about the safety risks of IKEA's dresser and cabinet.

According to foreign media reports, a 2-year-old boy from California, Jozef Dudek, died in May this year when he was crushed by an Ikea malm drawer that was not fixed to the wall. The lawyer said the child was sleeping in his room that day. When the father came into the room to check, he found that the child was killed under malm's cupboard.

This is the eighth IKEA cupboard dumping case that has killed children under 3 years old since 1989. Previously, three families sued IKEA. In December 2016, IKEA reached a $50 million settlement agreement with its family members. And recalled relevant products for the first time in the same year.

Ikea will stop selling related products in the US

Daniel Mann, a lawyer representing the Jozef Dudek family, said the child's death was completely avoidable. "What makes the death even more heartbreaking is that the so-called recall campaign last year did not work, nor did it drive these defective and unstable household products out of children's bedrooms all over the country. '

Lawyers say the family plans to prosecute IKEA. IKEA and the CPSC have also confirmed that malm products are linked to the death of Jozef.

In an interview with the media, Lars Peterson, IKEA's CEO, said IKEA would raise awareness of several types of cabinet and dresser recalls. At present, IKEA has conducted extensive communication through social media, websites, TV and print ads, and sent e-mails to 13 million people.

The recall applies only to customers in the US and Canada, including the 8 million malm cabinets and dressers sold between 2002 and June 2016. According to Peterson, Ikea will stop selling products that do not meet relevant US industry standards.

In 2016, IKEA announced the recall of 'malm series' drawer cabinet products with potential safety risks in the United States, Canada and other countries, but China was not included in the recall. After an interview with AQSIQ, IKEA finally submitted the recall plan to AQSIQ.

Yesterday, Xu Lide, IKEA's China PR Manager, told reporters that IKEA had recalled malm furniture last year, and this time the recall was due to the death of a child in the United States due to a cabinet overturn in May this year.

For the related products on sale in China, Xu said, now malm series drawer cabinets are equipped with fixed accessories in the packaging, and consumers are required to fix the cabinets on the wall during the installation and use. IKEA's official website, Weibo, wechat, etc. have also released "firmly fixed" reminders. Schlider stressed that drawer products, including the Malm series of drawer furniture sold by IKEA, are only safe if they are fixed on the wall. At present, there is no recall plan for this series of furniture in China.


Recall series are still sold in China

Yesterday, four yuan Bridge IKEA, is selling malm series drawers are installed with fixed hooks The reporter noted that on November 21 this year, the official website of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China released relevant recall information, indicating that the cabinets and drawers recalled by IKEA are not stable. If they are not properly fixed to the wall, they may cause serious tipping and buckling hazards, and may cause injuries or death to children.

IKEA recalled malm series of drawers, including children's drawers higher than 60cm and adults' drawers higher than 75cm, only in the United States and Canada.

Yesterday, reporters visited IKEA's Xihongmen store and Siyuanqiao store in Beijing. There are still more than 75cm malm drawers on sale in the two stores. Different from other furniture, a "firmly fixed" notice is placed on malm's drawers to remind that furniture dumping may cause serious injury to people, and children are more likely to be injured as a result, and remind customers to use the anti dumping device of this product and the hardware to fix the upper wall.

In the four yuan Bridge store of IKEA, the reporter noticed that a 78 cm high malm drawer cabinet placed in the display area of the store had been fixed on the wall by fixed equipment. The drawer was pulled several times by the reporter, and the cabinet would not shake.

On the official website of IKEA China, malm series of drawers are available in specifications such as' two drawers' (55cm in height), 'three drawers' (78cm in height),' four drawers' (101cm in height) and 'six drawers' (124cm). In the product description, it is also mentioned that the furniture must be fixed to the wall with the safety accessories in the product package to prevent overturning. Different wall materials require different types of fixtures. Use fixtures that match the walls of your home. They must be purchased separately.