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It's the first time in my life. Episode 11. What's the brand of the wine red bag

It's the first time in my life. Episode 11. What's the brand of the wine red bag every popular Korean drama will hold red actors, clothes, bags, shoes and jewelry, including their cats! No nonsense, no way, you can think about it carefully. At the end of the year, there will be a small peak market for Korean dramas again. You can have a look at a very popular Korean drama this is the first time in your life.

The Korean drama "this is the first time" has not only been loved by many audiences, but also the costumes in the drama have risen a trend. So what brand is the wine red small bag of the first episode 11, the heroine Zhi haoti?

In this is the first time in life, a red bag of the hostess received a lot of inquiries from netizens. This bag can be double shouldered or single shouldered, beautiful and practical. This bag is Alexander Wang Mini Marti. The color is Burgundy and the price is 995 US dollars.

I have to say that although the heroine is very poor, we can't bear her treasure. After watching the TV series, how can people make a part-time job in a coffee shop without heavy clothes.

Many people are curious about the reason why the heroine wants to divorce. The reason for her divorce is that the marriage is good, the house, money and face can be the reasons and can be accepted. But with love, it will not work. Love is sacred and cannot be defiled by anything.

Netizens commentary

The hostess is so idealistic that she finally understands why her dream is love, because such love is too difficult to realize. She forces Shixi to get love once in a lifetime. The hostess is also a crazy person. If she is cruel, she can be cruel.

11 sets are determined to be together, 12 sets are in crisis, 13 sets are abusive, 1415 is successful in business and divorce, 16 is the way to pursue a wife, and then the end is to scatter flowers.

In today's episode, the screenwriter basically explains why Zhihao ended the contract marriage, and also reveals Zhihao's idea that marriage is not sacred, and love is sacred. So for Zhihao, marriage is not a shackle to her. Go back to the origin, meet the male owner again at the bus station, and start the first real love again.

Now the two people are too ritualistic and respectful, so the relationship is still a little strange. I tend to blurt out half a sentence in a natural state.

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I don't care about anything else, but the hostess has no money and so many beautiful clothes and bags. I really want to say to her, liar.