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You don't know how to clean the sofa

The sofa at home is not easy to clean, so many people choose not to clean, but the light colored sofa is dirty and ugly. How to clean the sofa? Let's have a look!

Leather sofa

1. The cleaning of leather sofa is simpler than fabric sofa. You can use professional foam cleaner to dip on the wet towel and wipe the sofa. Then wipe it with a slightly wet and clean towel. If you have the conditions, you can wait for the sofa to dry and then beat it with the oil that nourishes the dermis.

2. The cleaning of leather sofa is simple, and the maintenance is more complicated. Leather sofa first to prevent sharp scratches, and then to avoid oil stains, such as ballpoint pen soiled sofa. If you accidentally get oil stains on the leather sofa, you should clean it immediately with detergent. Sofa should also be placed in a ventilated place. In addition, if you want to prolong the service life of leather sofa, you should avoid children jumping on the sofa Fabric sofa 1. Sofa used for about a year, can be cleaned once with detergent. Decoration how to save money? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. When cleaning with detergent, it should be noted that the detergent must be thoroughly washed out after the event. Otherwise, it is easier to stain the sofa.

2. If the sofa is sheathed, it can be cleaned directly, and the washing machine can be used for it. If the elastic sheath is not conducive to ironing, cotton sheath is not ironable.

3. Fabric sofa should be regularly dusted. It's best to do it once a week. When dedusting, don't forget the dust in the armrest, backrest and other small places. Dust removal tools can be vacuum cleaners or towels. When washing with towel, be sure not to get too wet.

4. When the sofa is cleaned, pay attention to maintenance. Fabric sofa, vacuum at least once a week. If sofa mat can turn over, had better also turn over, make wear and tear even distribution. In addition, we should pay attention to several problems: it is found that the thread head is loose and can not be directly torn by hand, and it is better to use scissors to cut it neatly. In addition, all cloth covers should not be bleached during cleaning.