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Tour route to Vietnam

There are many world heritages and historical sites in Vietnam. There are both cultural landscape and natural landscape, and there are many distinctive food. Today, let's talk about how to go to Vietnam from China!

1. Take the train to Vietnam

This is a very convenient mode of transportation. There is an international train connecting China and Vietnam, so many friends who travel to Vietnam will choose this mode of transportation.

As for how to get there, it's actually very simple. Our country has a train from Beijing to Hanoi. We need to cross the border at Pingxiang Port in China, and then change at Tongdeng port opposite.

In addition, there is another train in Nanning, Guangxi, China. There is also a train to Vietnam. You can choose between the two modes of transportation.

2. Take a coach to Vietnam.

To get to Vietnam by coach, China has three ports to choose from.

1) Hekou, Yunnan

You need to take a bus from Kunming to Hekou County of Honghe Prefecture in Yunnan Province, and then go through customs inspection. As long as you pass the port, you will be Laojie Province in Vietnam. It's very convenient.

2) Pingxiang, Guangxi

A long-distance bus in Nanning takes us to Hanoi, and then we need to change at the friendship pass in Pingxiang, Guangxi. After customs inspection, we need to cross the port of Liangshan. Finally, after a period of time, we will arrive at Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

3) Dongxing, Guangxi

Take a bus from Nanning to Dongxing port, then arrive at mang street in Vietnam.

3. Fly to Vietnam

Flying to Vietnam is the most direct way of transportation. There are two international airports in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. At present, it has been sailing with more than 20 countries in the world.

If you want to fly to Vietnam, you need to start from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Kunming in China. There are many flights to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh every day.

Available flights include Vietnam Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines.

1) Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh City

Xinshan airport in Ho Chi Minh City is the largest airport in Vietnam, which is about 40 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City. The new terminal takes international routes, while the terminal takes domestic routes. There is a channel between the two routes.

Airport to urban area:

The cost is about $7 to $10. If you book a car from downtown to the airport in a hotel, it's usually a minibus. The cost is $2.50 per person.

In addition, out of the airport, there is a 152 bus, which can directly reach the Bincheng market. The cost is 3000 Dong per person.

2) Han Noi Bai International Airport

About 35 kilometers away from Hanoi, it is the second largest airport in Vietnam. Out of the airport can choose to take a taxi, minibus or bus to the city.

Airport to urban area:

In the entrance hall, there are cars to choose from. The minibus can go directly to the urban area. The yellow and green signs on the bottom are the parking cars. The ticket price is 32000 Dong. It's about 45 minutes' drive to the urban area.

Well, after reading this transportation guide, I hope you can understand how Chinese people go to Vietnam! I hope you can use it for reference! Have a nice trip!