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A few days in advance of spring 2018 train tickets, you can book the pre-sale time of spring 2018 hi

A few days in advance of spring 2018 train tickets, you can book the pre-sale time of spring 2018 high-speed train tickets in another month, 2017 will be over, and the Spring Festival will soon arrive. For people outside, the Spring Festival is a mixed blessing. What's happy is that they can go home and get together with their relatives. What's worried is whether they can buy back and forth train tickets smoothly.

When does the 2018 spring festival start? Spring Festival is the peak of train ticket purchase. Spring Festival is a large-scale high traffic pressure phenomenon around the lunar new year in China. Friends who go home for the Spring Festival should be optimistic about the pre-sale time of train tickets. Let's have a look!

Schedule of Spring Festival 2018

Start time of Spring Festival 2018: February 1, 2018

End time of Spring Festival 2018: March 12, 2018

Spring Festival transportation days in 2018: 40 days in total

Spring Festival 2018: from January 13 to February 21

The time of Spring Festival is defined by the Spring Festival every year. 15 days before the Spring Festival and 25 days after the Spring Festival, the time of Spring Festival every year is about 40 days.

Introduction to the Spring Festival in the next five years

2018: February 1 to March 12 (December 16 to January 25 of the lunar calendar)

2019: January 21 to March 1 (December 16 to January 25 of the lunar calendar)

2020: January 10 to February 18 (December 16 to January 25 of the lunar calendar)

2021: January 28 to March 8 (December 16 to January 25 of the lunar calendar)

2022: January 17 to February 25 (December 15 to January 25 of the lunar calendar) (small December of the lunar calendar)

What days will the passenger flow be concentrated on

According to the distribution of passenger flow in time and space, the peak of passenger flow before the festival will appear from the 27th of the lunar month to the new year's Eve. The peak passenger flow after the festival will occur from the fourth to the sixth day of the first month. Please try to avoid the peak and arrange the travel time reasonably.

Pay attention to the health of Spring Festival travel

During the Spring Festival, if you stay in a sitting position on the train or car for a long time, it will slow down the blood flow speed of the lower limb vein, easily form thrombus, and cause blood vessel blockage. Some of these thrombi will dissolve by themselves, others may cause myocardial infarction or pulmonary embolism.

Therefore, passengers should avoid sitting for a long time, get up more, and massage the lower limbs from the top to the bottom to help the blood flow back.

Ticket booking skills of Spring Festival train

From November 15, passengers can order train tickets for spring 2018. Among them, the pre-sale period of Internet, mobile phone client, telephone and other three channels is 60 days; the pre-sale period of station window, booking point, automatic ticket machine and other channels is 58 days; the train tickets for Spring Festival added passenger trains will be sold from December 16, with the pre-sale period of 40 days.

There are three opportunities to 'pick up' the missing tickets for the Spring Festival 2018

Because of the superposition of student flow and migrant flow, it is difficult to get one ticket for Spring Festival train. According to the staff of the railway department, there are actually three opportunities to "pick up" the ticket:

First, 45 minutes after the start of the sale, if some online ticket Snatchers fail to pay in time, the ticket source will return to the ticket warehouse;

Second, 15 days before driving, is the peak period of ticket refund;

The third is 48 hours and 24 hours before driving, which is also a good opportunity to "pick up the leakage". The ticket system will often release some of the remaining tickets.

After the purchase of tickets, in case of the following situations, you should exchange paper tickets after the purchase and before driving and then enter the station to take the bus:

(1) the second generation ID card is used for ticket purchase, but the passenger station or the next station does not have the ticket checking conditions of the second generation ID card.

(2) the second-generation ID card is used for ticket purchase, but the original of the second-generation ID card cannot be presented when entering the station for ticket checking, or the second-generation ID card cannot be read on the automatic AGM.

(3) use other valid identity documents other than the second generation ID card to purchase tickets.

(4) purchasing children's tickets by using the information of valid identity documents of adults in the same trade.

(5) purchase student tickets and disabled military tickets.

(6) the train arrives at the midway station according to the date and train number of the ticket.