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What are the books on the list of the official spoilers in the hunting ground

What are the books on the list of the official spoilers in the hunting ground

Sihaiwang: a good screenwriter is the soul of the whole play, and a skillful foreshadowing is the soul of the whole play. "The hunting ground" has a strong cast, fierce drama conflicts, and the theme fits the life, which is highly sought after. But what can't be ignored is its plot, which is gripping and complicated, which is the rhythm of a story.

Naoto Kan plays the heroine Roy in the hunting ground. She is a literary young woman who loves reading. The book is not only a prop that often appears in the hands of the Roy people, but also the official spoiler of the next plot of the game. With Yu Chengfei, the fourth boyfriend, out of the game, the Roy picked up a new book. This detail can't be missed.

The most important book in "the hunting ground" is the Norwegian Forest in Hugo's hand at the moment. This was given to Zheng Qiudong by Roy when he was a freshman. The importance of this book, Hu Ge once had a very good line, 'it's like the divination stick of the two of us'.

"Norwegian forest" hero 'Watanabe' has two girlfriends: the first 'Zhizi' is first love, schoolmate and weak body - these labels correspond to Roy people; the second 'Xiaolin Lvzi' is charming and passionate, and meets the hero by chance - these labels correspond to bear youth. When Hu Ge said this line, Zheng Qiudong didn't know that Jia Yimei would appear in his life. As a result, Norwegian forest will not be exactly in line with the fate of the characters in hunting ground, otherwise it will be boring.

The Roy mentioned the fate of Naoko

In addition to calling it "divination stick", Hu Ge has two important lines about Norwegian forest. One of the sentences appeared in Zheng Qiudong's first meeting with the head of MLM group. He once said that the Luo people were very like Zhizi. The Luo people asked him angrily, "do you really want me to die?"

This dialogue is because Zhizi finally committed suicide, and Zheng Qiudong has not finished reading this book.

Another line appeared when the Roy helped Zheng Qiudong get close to Qu Minjing. Zheng Qiudong came to the hospital to call Roy "Zhizi", while the Roy replied "hate" coyly. This is because Zhizi is a psychopath in the book.

Roy has 84 Charing Cross

On the Roy's list, the most important book after Norwegian forest is 84 Charing Cross Street. This is the first book to appear in the game, and it has appeared twice. The first time was when Roy and Lao Bai watched Zheng Qiudong's live speech together, and the second time was when Roy took care of Lao Bai who was injured in the hospital.

84 Charing Cross Street is known as "the Bible of the book lovers". As the first book in Roy's hands, this book is actually setting the tone for Roy's "Wenqing people". In fact, there is also a very famous domestic movie related to 84 Charing Cross Street, which is the love letter between Beijing and Seattle starring Wu Xiubo and Tang Wei.

Roy's second book is mysterious

Roy's second book, the name is not exposed. However, from the big word "conspiracy" on the first page and the English word "finance" above the two words, it can be concluded that the next plot is closely related to the "fund conspiracy". At that time, Zheng Qiudong had just been introduced by Lao Bai and got to know the boss of MLM group. This' fund conspiracy 'is not only talking about MLM, but also satirizing Lao Bai.

Roy, take "green Lee in the wind"

Roy's next book is called "green Lee in the wind". From the perspective of the first person, this book tells the story of several dead people. This book appeared in the old white hospital, almost can be seen as a hint of the death of the old white incurable disease. At the same time, the story in the book makes readers think about justice and deception, which also corresponds to the game between Zheng Qiudong's two mentality of deep involvement in MLM group, sense of justice and want to make fast money.

Later, Xiong Qingchun discovered the recording of Zheng Qiudong's phone call to the Roy. Zheng Qiudong said in the recording that he knew he was committing a crime but refused to stop. This detail also confirmed Zheng Qiudong's psychology game at that time.

"Eating pickled radish while walking" by Roy

After Zheng Qiudong's imprisonment, the Roy people are lonely. She was eating instant noodles while watching "eating pickled radish while walking". It's not hard to see from the title that this is a reflection of Roy's current life predicament, but the content of this book has a deeper meaning.

To make an inappropriate analogy, "eating pickled radish while walking" can be regarded as the paper version of "Japanese pickled radish on the tip of the tongue". This is a travel book. The protagonist experiences different people's life by looking for the pickled radish made by the folk. From temple to prison, from ocean fishing boat to mountain hunter, the protagonist is led by pickled radish to start a new life experience. This just indicates that the Roy people have opened their own new world door after meeting the country of Sharjah.

Of course, we can also think a little more dirty: Xia Jiguo, that pickled radish & hellip; & hellip;

Two books

In the first four episodes of the game, the Roy has new books to read. But after she followed Xia Jiguo, she never read a new book. It wasn't until Xia Jiguo's horse fell and Zhong huailan, her best friend, came to visit Roy for the second time that she brought her two new books at once.

A book called "saga's super grandma" is about the hero leaving his hometown at the age of 8 to come to the countryside of Hiroshima and living with the super grandma who raised seven children independently. Here, the protagonist has no toys or friends, and so does the Roy, who has just regained his freedom.

Another book is called together. It is said that when the book was published, it happened to hit another best-selling book, the Da Vinci Code, but it still sold well. The name of the book is very straightforward, so the Roy went to Hangzhou to look for Zheng Qiudong.

Roy's hands on the cafe of youth

During filming with his fourth boyfriend Yu Chengfei, the Roy picked up a new book, youth cafe. This book has three implications for the fate of the Roy people.

The first level is the title of the book. At the moment, Roy just heard that Zheng Qiudong and Xiong Qingchun broke up, so the title of the book implies' Xiong Qingchun '.

The second level is the main line of the book. This book tells four stories of a missing woman, Lucy. There are two key words in this book corresponding to the plot of "the hunting ground": one is "the harbor that can be docked", which symbolizes the mentality of Roy when he committed himself to Chengfei. The other is "passer-by", which indicates that Roy and Yu Chengfei are bound to break up.

The third level is the ending of the heroine, Lucy, which is also the most worrying one. Like Naoko in Norwegian forest, Lucie in youth Cafe finally committed suicide. "The hunting ground" chooses the heroine to commit suicide twice. I hope it doesn't imply the fate of the Roy people.

Roy takes Istanbul vacation

After breaking up with Yu Chengfei, the Roy picked up a new book, Istanbul vacation. This is the latest title on the Roy's list. "Istanbul holiday" tells the story of Alice, the heroine, who finally found the right man after a long journey.

"There are always signs in life that guide us to meet." this sentence comes from Istanbul holiday, which is exactly the road sign of love between Roy and Zheng Qiudong. According to the title of "hunting ground", Hangzhou is the Istanbul of Roy people, where she may have a long war with Zheng Qiudong. After all, there is another Jia Yimei beside Zheng Qiudong at this time.

In another 16 episodes, the game is about to end. Zheng Qiudong may have another big order or two, but his relationship with Roy may have started the sprint.