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The latest news of Zhang Yingying's case

The latest news of Zhang Yingying's case the case of Zhang Yingying, a Chinese student studying abroad, has attracted much attention since it was initiated. On the one hand, the safety of the student studying abroad has been questioned. On the other hand, the murderer suspected of this case refused to plead guilty after being arrested. At the second hearing of the suspect, he still refused to explain. Recently, Zhang Fu said in an interview with the media that his family had returned home on the 13th of this month, hoping that the conscience of the suspect would be discovered as soon as possible Now let's see the details!

On June 9, Zhang Yingying, a Chinese visiting scholar at the University of Illinois, lost contact in the United States. On June 17, Zhang Yingying's family rushed to the United States to find her daughter. It has been more than five months since then. Although the suspect Christensen has been arrested by the police and charged with "kidnapping to death", Zhang Yingying is still missing.

When Zhang Yingying's family first arrived in the United States, they said in an interview: 'if you can't find Yingying, you don't want to go home. 'but it's not the same as at the beginning, Zhang Yingying's mother is exhausted and her heart has problems, and the expensive medical expenses in the United States make Zhang's family hard to bear. However, the family returned to China on November 13 local time, ready to go to the United States when the case has progressed.

Zhang Ronggao said they arrived at their home at about 10 p.m. on the 14th, disembarking in Shanghai and returning to their hometown in Fujian by high-speed rail, the Beijing Youth Daily reported. 'I didn't want to come back. Yingying's mother went to see a doctor there half a month ago. She had a heart problem. It was very painful. It was very expensive to see a doctor in the United States. We couldn't afford it. We couldn't come back to take care of her. I'm sorry we didn't find Yingying to bring her back. '

'I haven't found Yingying for more than 5 months. Her mother is in a poor mental state, suffering from a lot of inner troubles, and her body is broken. Now because there is no money at home, Yingying's mother didn't go to the hospital for treatment, so she first lay at home for rest. Yingying's brother doesn't read any books now. He is still at home. He stays at home to take care of his mother for the time being. The family can only rely on me to do temporary work, with a monthly salary of 2000 yuan. Yingying's mother is in a bad mood. She still thinks about Yingying every day. '

When it comes to life in the United States, Zhang Ronggao said: 'in the United States, it's hard to miss China, but I can't come back. The only motivation for us to stay there is to find Yingying. Let's rent for six months. It's about 6600 dollars. There are other utilities and so on. In order to save money, we usually make our own meals, and volunteers drive us to buy vegetables. '

'we've been looking for (Zhang Yingying) since the beginning, and we've gone to all the places we can. But because of the language barrier, the most we can do in the United States is to wait. Sometimes we go to find Yingying, sometimes we go to her apartment to have a look. Twice a week, FBI people come to talk to us about the progress of the case. Later, Yingying's mother had a physical problem, and the family's mood was very low, and there was no progress. "Zhang Ronggao said.

'the prisoners didn't contact us, didn't meet us, didn't apologize, and kept arguing. My daughter must have been looking until she was found. 'Zhang Ronggao said,' I want the suspect's life to be worth his life. His behavior is very bad. I hope he will be sentenced to death, otherwise he will do something bad when he comes out later. 'for father Zhang, the suspect's smile is like a needle in his heart.

What's your plan for the next step after coming back to China? Zhang Ronggao said: 'let's take a step. After a while, when there is news, I will definitely go. After the court session, set a time and we'll go. I hope you can help us find Yingying. '