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How to choose the duvet when winter comes, many people will add some new quilts to their families. Nowadays, duvet covers are popular, light and warm. Do you know how to choose duvet covers? The following editor will teach you some skills to choose duvet covers. Come and have a look!

Down quilt selection skills

One touch: when buying, carefully touch it with the outside of your hand. For example, if you touch some hair stalks on one side, and the other side is very soft and smooth, you should consider that it may be a fake down product made of acrylic cotton and a little down. If the duvet feel is very soft and you can't touch any hair, you should consider whether it's made of crushed down. The high content of down gives people a feeling of softness, and the down is small and small, the down is large and hard, and the hard and loose touch indicates the poor quality.

Second, the manufacturers who pay attention to quality are all more trustworthy. It is necessary to identify the registered trademark of the factory and the name, address and cashmere content of the factory indicated in Chinese. At the same time, to value color, style and fluffy, it means good quality. The down quilt with exquisite workmanship shall be at least fine, neat, inlaid, inlaid and rolled in a neat and straight manner without distortion. The fabric should be made of high-density anti flannelette or coated nylon wire, but with good air permeability.

Three smell: down without complex process treatment and strict water washing and disinfection will produce unpleasant smell, otherwise it will be tasteless.

Four claps: clap the stuffing in the same direction with both hands from the same part of the inside and the face respectively. If it is a real duvet, some of the duvets will be concentrated because of the clap, and the other part will be bright in the sunshine. If there is dust or dirt on the fabric, it may be a duvet made of raw wool. Put the cashmere products flat on the counter and pat them gently with your hands. If the fluffy degree is high, they are top-grade products. If they die after patting, they are shaped like cotton wool, or if there is a pile coming out, they are mostly duvet made of smashed down.

Five fold: down has a great contractibility. The higher the platform down, the greater the contractibility. A down jacket can be shrunk to a briefcase size, and a down quilt can be shrunk to a pillow core size.

Six heft: the feather with high content of down is light and floating in the hand, while the heavy one may have low content of down and heavy hand feel. When shopping, you can also distinguish the advantages and disadvantages by hand.

Seven try: try the duvet cover on your body. A good quality duvet only needs to be covered for about two minutes, and it will feel warm obviously.

Down quilt maintenance method

1. The quilt cover shall be used. If it has been polluted, the down quilt shall be sent to the dry cleaner for dry cleaning, while the ordinary fiber quilt can be directly machine cleaned.

2. The fabric of duvet is treated with anti down treatment, and a little hole will also drill out the duvet, so be careful when using to avoid being stabbed and cut by sharp objects.

3. Choose good weather, and hang the quilt in a place with good ventilation and no direct sunlight. Due to the good moisture absorption and moisture drainage performance of down quilt, it is not necessary to air it frequently. If it is exposed to the sun outdoors, it is also necessary to cover a piece of cloth and air it in the shade for an hour after one hour's' ventilation '.

4. When collecting, the quilt should be fully dried and stored in a well ventilated place, and insect repellent can be properly put in.