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How to deduct fees for mobile phones

How to deduct fees for mobile phones I believe you all have this feeling. Just paid the call fee, you will be reminded that the balance is insufficient within two days, and you need to renew the charge. How can the charge be so insufficient? The price is getting higher and higher. When you go to the business hall for inquiry, you will always be stunned by all the reasons. What's in it.

The old number has been 'eliminated' inexplicably for nearly a year, and the new number has not yet been used and has been forced to pay several times. It took a month to communicate for more than ten times. Not only did the complaint fail, but the payment record was bizarre and 'missing' & hellip; & hellip. It's hard to imagine that in Hohhot without the personal experience of journalists, the mobile phone fee deduction chaos in China Unicom cooperation business hall is so amazing. According to the investigation of China netnews, the "low consumption" and other greasy behaviors of the cooperative business hall are by no means individual cases, and consumers are easy to lose "pits" in the process of safeguarding their rights.

It's not negotiable to be swallowed by "low consumption"

Due to the work needs, the reporter has handled the mobile phone number at the three major telecom operators, but the not commonly used Unicom card costs the most, generating an average of more than 200 yuan per month. On October 26, the reporter came to the business hall of Zhongshan East Road, Hohhot, China Unicom, to change the package and reduce the cost of the call. As a result, he found out a 'secret'.

The reporter inquired and found that the original monthly fixed package for the Unicom mobile phone number of 166 yuan, in addition to the reporter agreed to deal with a total of 12 yuan Unicom small secretary and cool dog music package, from January this year, the minimum consumption was adjusted to 215 yuan per month in the background. This means that even if the number has not been used, 215 yuan of telephone charges must be deducted every month.

'this kind of & lsquo; low cancellation & rsquo; is really a rip off. The staff of the business office said privately that the "low consumption" is likely to be handled by the cooperative business office privately, and they have met many consumers who have similar situations. At the suggestion of the staff, the reporter calls the customer service number to complain.

On November 24, a staff member surnamed Liu called back. She said it was calculated that in the first 10 months of this year, journalists were overcharged by 37 yuan for "low consumption". For such a statement, the reporter immediately questioned. Later, she immediately changed her oral Name: 'the previous explanation was wrong. It was 37 yuan a month, with a total of 370 yuan. '

'we have received a lot of complaints in this regard. 'there were also return visits to customer service and told reporters that they believed that the main cause was the cooperative business hall.

Why is it that the minimum consumption level of the call package is raised when consumers don't know? Why does the cooperative business hall do this? In the face of these reporters' concerns, Unicom's return visit staff didn't answer.

Operators are investigated for withholding fees

In response to the issue of Mudanjiang mobile and Jilin Unicom illegally withholding users' value-added business fees recently exposed in CCTV's focus interview, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued a micro blog yesterday, saying that it had asked relevant telecom enterprises to verify, asked the local communication authority to investigate and deal with it seriously according to law.

In recent months, Cao, a Chinese mobile user in Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, has passively subscribed to value-added services such as reading bags, video bags, entertainment bags and mobile TV, with a deduction of thousands of yuan, according to CCTV's focus interview program on Friday.

According to a regional manager of a mobile company interviewed by the program, it is most likely that the staff of the mobile company is secretly operating the user number to add to the user.

China Mobile also expressed its willingness to accept media supervision through Weibo that night, and will never tolerate any behavior that damages the rights and interests of consumers. It has instructed Heilongjiang Mobile to immediately set up an investigation team to carefully check the media reports, and will seriously deal with them according to the investigation results.

The Ministry of industry and information technology said it would further regulate the order of the telecommunications market, strengthen supervision and inspection, severely punish illegal acts that harm the interests of the masses, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of telecommunications users.

How to prevent illegal withholding

Mobile claims that the fees are transparent, but many users can't understand what the fees in the bill are, and the 0000 to 10086, which has been recognized by the public, can check the business. In fact, this can only check part of the monthly business, why is it part of it, because some businesses don't want you to know, such as' CRBT 'ringtone package', which users can't check at all To, so, small edition proposal, check business in the future, or call 10086 transfer to manual check!

Which is the unnecessary random charging item in the detailed list of telephone charges? I think many friends and small editors are watching flowers in the fog. In order not to be confused to add business deduction money, now for you a few moves.

The most convenient and quick way to open the unsubscribe service is to call 10086. Press 0 to turn to manual service after the call is connected. If you can't express your meaning clearly or don't know what items to unsubscribe from, you can say 'I require that my phone number can't be on-demand or subscribe to any sp dreamnet or SMS service'; or 'my number only reserves the functions of calling, texting or GPRS, and all the functions of its on-demand or subscription to sp service are off'. It's simple and rough but it works!