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Who is the founder of bitcoin?

bitcoin is a kind of virtual currency, but it can buy real-world goods, and its value is not cheap. Do you know who is the founder of bitcoin? It was recently revealed that it was musk! According to the former intern of SpaceX, Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of bitcoin, is the billionaire Elon middot musk, according to Russian satellite network, citing cryptocoinnews.

According to Gupta, musk knows the C + + language used in bitcoin creation.

In addition, musk has always been 'passionate about solving global problems'. As a decentralized monetary system, bitcoin was born during the world financial crisis in 2008.

The SpaceX owner also remained completely silent about the coin and never commented on any news about it.

Gupta finally stressed that musk did not need the assets that might be acquired after bitcoin was created. Given bitcoin's current exchange rate, if he sold his bitcoin, musk would get about $8 billion, but that's less than half of his official assets ($19.7 billion).

Cryptocoinsnews makes several negative arguments. First of all, 2008 was the 'worst year' for SpaceX and Tesla (316.81, 1.26, 0.40%) and could prevent musk from focusing on bitcoin.

Secondly, musk has always been under the watchful eyes of reporters, and his every move has attracted much attention. Third, mask's comments about bitcoin may have a negative impact on its exchange rate. Asked about cryptocurrencies in an interview, musk said he thinks bitcoin 'is a good thing' but it is also a tool for illegal trading.

Last year, it was reported that Craig Wright, an Australian businessman and scientist, recognized and proved that he was the founder of bitcoin.