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How to choose a watch suitable for young girls

How to choose a watch suitable for young girls watches have always been used as a symbol of identity by men. However, who says that watches are men's exclusive products? Choosing a suitable watch for girls will instantly improve the temperament of the whole person. However, girls don't have the ability to choose a watch like choosing clothes. Let's recommend some watches with temperament to sister girls!


​ klarf history is a brand from Poland that focuses on women's hands. It mainly focuses on Minimalism. It's an excellent choice for fairies with chic heart and cool sex

​ as an outstanding representative of minimalist style, klarf is divided by series, convenient to purchase, and relatively uniform in pricing. What's rare is that almost all series of watch straps are also available~

​2.Olivia Burton

​ this is a British watch brand. Its main feature is that most of the dial elements come from nature, such as animals and plants. It's very suitable for girls of Forest Department. Style and workmanship are very elegant!

As for the price, it is also very suitable for the quality and design of these watches, which is very suitable for the student party. It's really worth buying a good watch by eating the earth. It's atmosphere and smart.

3.The Fifth

​: This is a brand in New York, USA. besides watches, there are sunglasses. It mainly focuses on the art and small fresh style. The design of watches is simple but not without a sense of design. The price is not high. Many bloggers on ins are wearing this watch.

The fifth watches are divided into several series according to the city. They are all featured in the minimalist style and are recommended to the fairies who have already worked.


Komono is a Belgian brand whose name is small and exquisite in Japanese. There are not only watches but also sunglasses, classics and fashion on the official website.

​ each single product reveals low-key luxury, with a strong sense of design and texture, and the price is not very expensive, which is worth starting with.

​5.Rumba Time

Rumba time is a brand from New York. Unlike Amway's previous brands, this brand has a very high face value and is easy to match with clothes. Its style and color are very diverse. And the price of this model is also great!

What's more touching is the price of this brand watch. It's so beautiful!

​ wearing these nice watches

What's the little expectation for the open wrist! &; &; &; &; &;