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What's the difference between iPhone 8 and iPhone x the iPhone X has been on sale for a while, and the iPhone 8 has been on sale for half a year. There are many small partners holding money to wait and see. After all, the cheapest iPhone 8 is about 5K, and the iPhone x is about 10000. The utility party buys the iPhone 8. There is nothing wrong with the tuhao iPhone X. isn't it really good to buy the iPhone x? Let's have a comparison!

IPhone x, iPhone 8 / 8 plus

The 64GB version of the iPhone 8 costs 5888 yuan, while the 256gb version costs 7188 yuan. The 64GB version of the iPhone 8 plus costs 6688 yuan, while the 256gb version costs 7988 yuan. The iPhone's 64GB version costs 8388 yuan, while the 256gb version costs 9688 yuan.

First, let's look at the display screen of the mobile phone. Many people think the iPhone x is an absolute success in this regard, saying that the screen of this device is larger than that of the iPhone 8 plus. Indeed, the iPhone X has a 5.8-inch screen compared to the 5.5-inch display of the iPhone 8 plus. But you should know that the iPhone x uses a full screen, which means that the size of the body is smaller than that of the 8 plus. Compared with the size of the mobile phone, the iPhone 8 plus is actually larger than the iPhone X.

IPhone X does not have an interface layout for the iPhone 8 plus. Even if the resolution of the iPhone 8 plus is lower than that of the iPhone x, it will display more useful content. When the iPhone 6 plus first appeared, Apple introduced a new app layout. Of course, because the screen is longer, iPhone X has more vertical points, but many will be blocked by button bars. Admittedly, in 2017, the iPhone 8 plus model was a little more conservative.

That means the app on iPhone x will use the same basic layout as iPhone 8, and 8 plus is obviously more practical than both. In vertical mode, iPhone x displays more vertical content; but in horizontal mode, iPhone x displays less screen space than iPhone 8 because developers need to avoid virtual home key bar and bangs. Admittedly, its little bangs are destined to cover up all your videos.

Another difference is the security verification. IPhone 8 plus is a touch ID, while iPhone x uses a new face ID I hope that face ID works well on iPhone x, otherwise Apple will repeat the mistakes of Apple map, and the function replaced after deleting a key function will perform worse.

The two phones are also different in design. The iPhone 8 is designed with double-sided full glass, and the most durable glass panel ever produced by the iPhone is used at the front and back of the iPhone. The new dark gray, silver and gold appearance are respectively matched with aviation grade aluminum metal frame of the same color system.

The iPhone x adopts a comprehensive screen and a new main screen button mode, and its small bangs design has long been a topic people are fond of talking about; however, the overall screen design of the iPhone x is somewhat deliberate, in order to pursue a comprehensive screen, to implement a comprehensive screen, the design of small bangs can also be said to be a must. In terms of color selection, it has one less gold color than the iPhone 8 series.

In terms of price. The iPhone 8 plus is available for purchase, starting at 6688 yuan. The iPhone x will also be available for pre-sale on the afternoon of October 27, starting at 8388 yuan. This price also makes many people feel stomachache. But now, you can go into the apple store and buy a mobile phone with the same software, processor, main camera and wireless charging support. You can experience a more practical screen design. This mobile phone has a more familiar biometric authentication method, and you can choose a more fashionable color scheme, but it is nearly 2000 yuan less than the iPhone X.

When you buy iPhone x, you actually buy Apple's vision for the future of smartphones. When you buy the iPhone 8, you actually buy the best version of the phone available. The former is more exciting, but if you need a new phone today, the latter may be more pragmatic. The right to choose is entirely in your own hands. Do what you want!