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The list of awards of the 54th Golden Horse Award in 2017 announced "blood Guanyin" as the biggest w

The list of awards of the 54th Golden Horse Award in 2017 announced "blood Guanyin" as the biggest winner on the evening of November 25, 2017, Beijing time, the results of the 54th Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award came out! Blood Avalokitesvara won three awards, including the best picture, huiyinghong Wenqi won the women's match after the film; the old beast Tu Ren won the movie emperor; the carnival Director Wen Yan won the best director; and the Great Buddha Plath 5 won the most awards.

The following is the list of winners of this Golden Horse Award:

Best film: Blood Avalokitesvara

Best director: Carnival by Wen Yan

Best actor: Tu Men's "old beast"

Best actress: Hui Yinghong's blood Avalokitesvara

Best supporting actor: Chen Zhusheng's Alifu

Best Supporting Actress: Wen Qi's blood Avalokitesvara

Best new director: Huang Xinyao's "Great Buddha Plath"

Best new actor: rima Sidan's Johnny middlepot

Best animated feature: the big world

Best documentary: Prisoner

Best short story: "bright and spray"

Best Animated Short Film: darkroom night sky

Best original script: Zhou Ziyang's old beast

Best adapted script: Huang Xinyao's "the Great Buddha Plath"

Best photography: the Great Buddha Plath by Nagao Nakajima

Best visual effect: ferryman by Lin Zhemin, perrykain and Thomas reppen

Best art design best art design: Qiu Weiming's Ferry man

Best modeling design: ferryman by Zhang Shuping and Zhang Zhaokang

Best action design: Sang Lin's embroidered spring knife II Shura battlefield

Best original film music: Lin Shengxiang's "the Great Buddha Plath"

Best original movie song: do you have it

Best sound effect: report to teacher! Strange and strange monster! By Du Duzhi, Wu Shuyao and Du Juntang

Hu Dingyi, Taiwan's outstanding filmmaker of the year

Lifetime Achievement Award: Xu Feng