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How to prevent sexual assault for children and adolescents? Parents must look at children's common s

How to prevent sexual assault for children and adolescents? Parents must look at children's common sense of sexual assault prevention in recent years, it is common for teenagers to suffer sexual assault, especially the sexual assault event exposed in a primary kindergarten is the most shocking. The prevention of sexual assault for children and adolescents has been put in front of their parents without delay. Let's see how to prevent sexual assault for children and adolescents!

Where sexual assault may occur

1. Track, pull into the room or get on the train

2. Send toys, dolls, candy and other temptations

3. Enter the room as a policeman, repairman or salesman

4. Falsely claiming that someone is in the family and entrusted by their parents

5. Excuse for asking children for help, such as asking for directions, finding things, filling in questionnaires, etc

6. Pretend to play or play

7. The victim was attacked when he was alone

8. The teacher lied about making up the lessons and asked the students of the injured children to call and invite them to go out

These children are vulnerable to sexual abuse:

1. Be friendly, easy to get close to and follow others' demands;

2. Children who are easily attracted or lured by materials, such as money, toys, food, etc;

3. Children who lack emotional care and are neglected;

4. They are young, don't know much about 'sex' or body autonomy, and can't detect or realize the other party's violations;

5. Parents have poor marriage or live with stepparents or foster parents.

Wrong understanding of children's sexual assault

1. Only strangers can commit sexual aggression?

Many surveys confirm that 75 - 90% of victims are violated by people they know and trust.

2. Only girls need to prevent sexual assault?

Before the age of 18, one in four girls was sexually assaulted, and one in 10 boys, according to us research.

3. Children's sexual assault refers to the assault on children's physical contact?

Sexual assault refers to all acts of introducing children into sexual contact by force, deception, flattery, material temptation or other means to achieve the sexual satisfaction of the aggressor. Sexual violations without physical contact include exposing to children, instructing children to expose themselves, forcing children to watch pornographic videos and take nude photos.

4. Shy, timid and mentally retarded children are the main victims.

Lively and intelligent children are also possible targets.

5. All cases of sexual assault are committed by men.

According to the American Association for human rights (AHA), 6% of girls and 14% of boys are harmed by female offenders; some of them are accomplices of men and women.

6. The infringer can be easily identified from the crowd.

The infringers include all ethnic groups, social education status, professional age, and have no fixed characteristics.

7. Night is a dangerous time for sexual assault.

It's also dangerous in the daytime. There may be violations at home, bus, park, interest class, playground, kindergarten and summer camp.

8. After all, parents love their children. Although they may be confused for a while, it will never happen frequently.

Wrong. Incest in the family is growing. Some victims even developed the result of multiple abortions in a row.

9. Parents are usually the first to learn about sexual assault.

Most parents know what happened to their children from other sources, such as teachers and neighbors.

10. Psychotherapy will cause children to be stimulated again, and time can cure everything.

If parents give up professional institutions to treat their children, they may bury the problem in the deep and ferment, which will not only affect individuals, but also the whole family and the next generation.