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Why is Chen Xiufeng so rich? How does Chen Xiufeng make money

Why is Chen Xiufeng so rich? How does Chen Xiufeng make money Chen Xiufeng is a big guy in the financial world. He is very rich and has a good way to make money. As he said, money is shit in his eyes and is worthless. So how does he earn these properties? What are his means of making money?

Why is Chen Xiufeng so rich?

The TV series "hunting ground" starring Hu Ge, Hu Bing, Chen long, Zhang lingzhi and other stars continued to be popular, and the story of intrigue in the workplace made the audience unable to stop. Zheng Qiudong's headhunting legend has developed to the second chapter, and he will hunt for Chen Xiufeng, the rich and handsome man in the financial field. As soon as Chen Xiufeng appeared, he attracted everyone's attention. He was originally played by Hu Bing, a handsome man. As the top person in the financial world, it's certain to make money.

However, Chen Xiufeng (Hu bingxiu) shows off his wealth in a more advanced way. He subdues yuan Kun in silence, which is worth learning. In the 32 episode of "the hunting ground", Yuan Kun and her assistant Mina go to visit Chen Xiufeng (Hu Bing). When Yuan Kun thought that Chen Xiufeng was most concerned about the salary issue, and told Chen Xiufeng that there was still room for the increase of 6 million annual salary plus dividends, Chen Xiufeng said: 'I am never picky, this is not my style'.

Then Chen Xiufeng's process of showing off wealth begins. Take a small notebook and remember.

1. Chen Xiufeng (Hu Bing) said: 'when I left highland company, my wife also resigned from Goldman Sachs, where she worked as a financial analyst for four years.

2. Before going to Goldman Sachs, she was a trainee in Carlisle, Washington. When she got the financial analyst's license, she was only 29 years old. She was a good hand at doing business. When she left Goldman Sachs, she made enough money for us to live for the rest of our lives. Note that life is a very comfortable life with two vacations every year.

3. At this time, we think his family is very rich, but there is a turning point. The whole process of boasting his wife is foreshadowing, and the following words have brought the dazzle of wealth to a new height. How does Chen Xiufeng make money in the hunting ground? If Chen Xiufeng (Hu Bing) takes over, it will surprise people. He said that at this time, the money in his own account is 50 times that of the rich wife.

4. Well, this will raise your wealth level to 50 times that of the rich woman. Even yuan Kun said 'money is shit' after listening, while Chen Xiufeng corrected that 'it should be shit'.

"Hunting ground" of Gao Fu Shuai, is such a cow, you see Chen Xiufeng (Hu Bing) this rich dazzle, surprised you? On the examination net comment: the key point and everyone say.

Dividend is the big head, do fund all rely on people to complete. Talent is the only criterion In general, most fund organizations' salaries account for about 80% of their profits. This bull is not very strict. The top search companies receive an annual salary of 6 million yuan, which means that the annual salary of 10 million yuan is basically the top. And her wife's money should be at least 10 million yuan in her life. 50 times of that, even 500 million yuan. He is about 40 years old when watching the play, and his career period is only 10 years. He has to earn 50 million yuan a year.