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How to distinguish the harm of water injected meat to a cow the water injected pork was exposed by the media several years ago. However, the black heart peddler extended a catch to the beef. Recently, the media exposed that the slaughterhouse used a high-pressure water gun to inject water into the beef. A cow was injected with water up to 60 Jin. Do you know how to distinguish the water injected meat? What are the hazards of eating water injected meat? Let's have a look!

Four methods can be used to distinguish water injected meat


Touch the surface of the meat with your hands. The water injected meat has a moist feeling, while the fresh pork without water injection has a certain viscosity and is not wet.

Two look

After water injection, the color of the muscle becomes light or grayish red, which is swollen and wet from the section. The fresh pork without water injection is white in fat, shiny in muscle, even in red, and slightly dry or moist in appearance.

Three pressure

That is to say, observe the elasticity of the muscle, and rest assured that the depression can be restored immediately after finger pressing, with good elasticity; while the elasticity of the injected meat is reduced, and the depression recovery is slow after finger pressing, and liquid can be seen flowing out of the section when pressing heavily.

Four measurement

You can stick the napkin on the meat, and then take it down quickly. If the napkin is wet and torn down completely, it may be water filled meat. Then, light the napkin with a lighter. If the napkin doesn't burn completely, it's likely that the pork is "water injected meat". This is because fresh pork has a certain viscosity, and the paper on it is not easy to remove. The napkin is covered with grease on the pork, and the fire will be very thorough.

What's the harm of watered meat

1. Reduce the quality of meat, because unclean water entering the animal's body will cause the expansion and rupture of the body cells, resulting in more protein loss. The biochemical internal environment and enzyme biochemical system in the gravy were damaged to different degrees, which delayed the process of carcass maturation and reduced the quality of meat.

2. After water injection, it is easy to cause the pollution of pathogenic microorganism. The water quality of meat surface contains pathogenic microorganism and lack of disinfection means in the process of operation, so it is easy to cause the pollution of pathogenic microorganism, which will not only damage the nutritional components of meat, but also produce a large number of bacterial toxins. Therefore, the water injected pork not only affects the original taste and nutritional value, but also accelerates the speed of meat spoilage, thus causing serious harm to people's health

3. The potential harm of water injected meat to human is very great. Illegal elements often inject sewage into the pork and mix it with substances to denature the fiber tissue in the pork, which not only has poor meat quality, perishable, poor taste, but also greatly reduces the nutritional value. It was found that some slaughterhouses often used old pesticide sprayers to water the pork, while the pesticide residues in the sprayers were obvious. Due to the small concentration of pesticide residues, it is usually not poisoned immediately after eating water injected meat, so it is often ignored by many citizens. After eating the water injected pork containing pesticides, it will lead to the accumulation of residual pesticides in the human body, long-term consumption will lead to gene mutation, disease, serious cancer, if pregnant women will cause fetal malformation.