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Self driving tour of S244 provincial road

The most beautiful rural self driving route in Guangdong in autumn - Provincial Highway S244, which has always been a classic self driving tour route in Guangdong. Let's go to see what good-looking scenic spots are on this route.

Scenic spots: yinghuayu, Yunji mountain, Donghua temple, Wengyuan art Town, Meiguan ancient road, Zhuji ancient lane

Here is the tour map:

S244 is known as the most beautiful provincial highway. However, from mountains and rivers, canyons, forests, lakes, to mountain streams, waterfalls, broken bridges and flowing water, it's called the sound of insects. This trip is really a great visual feast!

It's sunny and cool in autumn. It's really suitable for self driving. Starting from Dongguan, Foshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities in the Pearl River Delta, the highway goes all the way to Xinfeng County, and then to provincial highway S244. I feel completely separated from the atmosphere of reinforced forest in big cities. Along the way, I have fields, broad vision, rustic and quiet heart.

S244 scenery along the road, Yunji mountain, autumn has just begun. Yunji mountain is an undeveloped natural scenic spot, which retains most of the original style of natural scenery. If you meet the late autumn season, you can see that the mountains and forests are dyed, and the colors are interwoven.

Admission: 35 yuan / piece

Cherry Valley, look up at the bright starry sky, come down from Yunji mountain, turn on S244 and continue to drive north, the next stop is cherry valley. Cherry Valley, as its name suggests, is a small valley full of cherry blossoms, covering an area of 800 mu. In addition to cherry blossoms, there are also camellia and other flower species. By the flowering season in January, the cherry trees everywhere will start a prairie fire. There is almost no light pollution here. I feel like I am standing in the middle of the valley surrounded by the stars. I feel the brightness of the night sky and the flow of stars & hellip; Scorpio, Lyra, Cygnus & hellip; & hellip; each constellation is bright and clear.

Overlooking the corner of Cherry Valley

A hundred steps ladder

Although we missed the flowering, the bright starry sky is still very attractive. Is it romantic to climb the ladder with your lover and count the stars on the heart-shaped viewing platform?

Landscape of cobblestone wall in Cherry Valley

Hometown of Art: Wengyuan County, wengshan Academy of poetry, calligraphy and painting, Tu Wenan Museum of photography and art, Tu Zhiwei Museum of art. S244 scenery along the way

It's about an hour's drive from yinghuayu to Wengyuan County. Wengshan Academy of poetry, calligraphy and painting is the headquarters of the famous painter Liu Guoyu. Liu Guoyu's ink paintings are really superb. No wonder Master Zhang Ding wrote an inscription after his visit: "the weather is calm and the courage is strong.".

The museum is built in the village where Mr. Tu Wen'an was born, giving the people in the village a place to rest and feel the influence of art. From 2004 to 2014, Mr. Tu Wen'an went to the Qinghai Tibet Plateau ten times, went deep into life, and created a large number of photographic works through hardships. In Tu Wen'an's works, the eyes of the characters can feel the mood of the photographed and the photographer at that time. Portrait photography has always been my weakness. After watching the works of Mr. Tu Wen'an, every look I see is clear, sincere, innocent and pure. People can't look directly at it and can't forget it for a long time. It seems that they all stay in their hearts. Then, they went to Tu Zhiwei Art Museum.

Tu Wen'an Photo Art Museum

Surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing water on one side, it is like a piano inlaid between green mountains and green waters. Tu Zhiwei is a famous painter living in the United States from Weng yuan. He was awarded the title of "master of oil painting" by the American oil painting industry. He was elected president of the National Association of oil painters in 2004. He is the first Chinese president in the history of the organization. Mr. Tu Zhiwei has strong feelings for his hometown. He has led many American oil painters to Wengyuan of Shaoguan many times to collect styles. He has introduced the local beautiful landscapes and unique Hakka folk customs to the American people on the other side of the ocean through his paintbrush, setting up a bridge for cultural exchanges between the two peoples.

The old Shen family was transformed from Incheon social school. The renovated B & B in the old school buildings flashed many memories in my mind. Huxinba Hakka ancient buildings are nearby, which is a tour organization connected with the old Shen family.

starry sky

Hakka enclosed houses, ancient buildings, fields, cooking smoke, livestock & hellip; & hellip; at present, the original style of Hakka village is still preserved here, but now it is under development, and it is estimated that the feeling will be different after development.

Incense is flourishing, Donghua temple, Donghua temple - Guanyin Temple

Donghua Temple Sutra Pavilion, snow disappear, Mei Yinxiang into the earth, Meiguan ancient road, Meiguan ancient road is over Dayuling, located at the junction of Dayu County in Jiangxi Province and Nanxiong City in Guangdong Province.

Meiguan ancient road is also included in the list of national red tourist attractions.

On this self driving route, there are beautiful countryside with Lingnan characteristics, such as flowing water, enclosed houses, watchtowers, ancient pagodas and farmhouses. In addition, there are rare and colorful autumn scenery in Guangdong, such as green camphor leaves, golden Ginkgo biloba and gorgeous red maple. It's so beautiful! Drive slowly in the countryside and enjoy the beautiful scenery all the way. As long as you have been there once, you will definitely become addicted. You want to take provincial highway S244 a few more times to see all the seasons of the year. Because no matter how many times you walk, you can always be infected by the beautiful scenery here and feel happy!

Beauty tips:

In December every year, with the decrease of temperature, the white plum blossoms along the ancient Meiguan road will be in full bloom, dotted with the whole ancient road like diamonds. The ancient Meiguan road is famous for its plum blossom. Because of the obvious difference in climate between the South and north of the five ridges, the cold plum blossom on the ridge has a wonderful scene of 'South Branch first, North Branch second', which has been praised by people all the time. Around New Year's day, plum blossom will usher in the best viewing period, and the flowering period will last until February of the next year.