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Scenic spots around Chongqing recommend a good place to visit around Chongqing

Hongya tiktok scenic area in Chongqing has not only become the second net red spot only behind the Imperial Palace, but also has been on the way to CCTV. In fact, the daily attendance of the Hongya cave is not so loud. Such attractions as light rail, Hongya cave, Monument for Liberation, two factory and Ordovician are all places where friends from other places must punch. But the small editor wants to say that the beauty of Chongqing is more than that! Chongqing surrounding tourist attractions, these places have to go.

1. Yubei Mining Park

Jade falling from the sky and turning into jade lake in Yuzhou

Yubei Mining Park has been on fire for the last two years. The natural lake is formed by the big pit left by the previous mining. Due to the long-term dissolution of the mine water on the rocks, the color of the water gradually turns into emerald color, and the gorgeous color of the rocks refracts to the surface of the lake, which is comparable to the beautiful Jiuzhai. It can be said that it has no intention to plant willows into shade. However, Xiaobian warm reminder, this place has not been developed, there are certain security risks, in the past play must be careful!

2. Zhongshan 4th Road

Chongqing, a mountain city, has always been popular with people for its fiery enthusiasm. However, there is a road more than 800 meters long in Yuzhong District, which shows a different temperament from this city. Zhongshan Fourth Road, a road branded by Chongqing's turbulent history. Zhongshan 4th Road, known as the most beautiful Chongqing highway, is a street of Anti Japanese war culture. There are not only museums of democratic parties, but also Guiyuan, Zhougong, Daigong, Zhangxiang, and the former site of the president's office of the national government. The most important thing is that these scenic spots are free of charge!

3. Qiezixi port timber distribution center

This is the timber distribution center of gezixi port, Dadukou, the second largest port in Chongqing. The reason why this place has become an unexpected place for travel photography is that these uneven stacked logs are completely a 360 degree no dead angle shed photography setting. Take your boyfriend (girlfriend) to punch in!

4. Huguang guild hall

Chongqing Huguang guild hall is located at the Yangtze River side of dongshuimen, Yuzhong District, Chongqing. It was built in the Qing Dynasty. It is the largest existing ancient guild hall complex in China. It is located under the dongshuimen bridge. There are many small courtyards with different styles of yellow walls, dark red wooden doors, black tiles, exquisite carvings and unique layout. It really feels like crossing in a trance.

5. Small railway outside Sichuan

Here is a small railway full of vicissitudes, carrying the memory of several generations of people outside Sichuan. After a period of wind and rain, this railway has finally been preserved. In this place full of artistic atmosphere, you can realize that it is different from the stereotype of urban reinforced concrete.