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Which shared bike deposit can't be refunded when six shared bike death lists fail?

the emergence of shared bicycles has greatly facilitated people's daily life, but many bicycles will soon face bankruptcy due to poor management! At the beginning of the year, the market of shared bicycles is still in a state of "blooming flowers". Sharing bicycles of various colors and brands can be seen everywhere. At that time, some netizens joked that 'the biggest problem of sharing bicycles is that the color is not enough. '

Up to now, many bike sharing enterprises have declared bankruptcy. According to the public information, Netease Research Bureau compiled a death list of shared bicycles:

It has to be said that there used to be a bike sharing game that couldn't fit in a palette. After the excitement, there was a lot of chicken feathers.

How many users' deposits are floating?

This year, there is a very popular saying in the entrepreneurial circle - "failure is regarded as public welfare". Nowadays, many bike sharing enterprises are running on the road. It's hard to get back the user deposit. If you think about it carefully, isn't it the majority of users who are really doing public welfare?

According to the statistical report on the development of China's Internet, by June 2017, the number of users of shared bicycles had reached 106 million. It is estimated that the number of deposits in the whole bike sharing industry may have exceeded 10 billion yuan based on the average deposit of more than 100 yuan for users, excluding all kinds of unused balances that users recharge in advance.

How many users' deposits have been floated? Director Huang will calculate them according to the public information.

Wukong bike: the deposit has been refunded

On June 13, 2017, Wukong bicycle announced its withdrawal from the shared bicycle market.

By the time of exit, there were about 10000 users of Wukong bicycle, and the average usage frequency of each vehicle was three to four times a day. After the operation was stopped, Wukong bicycle returned all the deposit to the users, totaling about 1 million yuan.

Machimachi bicycle: more than 10000 users can't refund the deposit

On August 2, 2017, Nanjing tiebai Network Technology Co., Ltd., which operates machimachi bicycle, was included in the list of abnormal enterprises because of illegal fund-raising and broken capital chain, and the company lost contact with Qixia industrial and commercial bureau.