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How to teach children how to prevent sexual assault

How to teach children how to prevent sexual assault from yesterday's three primary events to the ferment, it has gradually become an event of concern to the whole people. The issue of sex education for young children is once again put in front of the parents. It is particularly important to establish a correct sense of sexual protection for children. What can parents do?

Three steps to teach children to prevent sexual abuse

There is a statistical data in the United States: one quarter of girls and one sixth of boys have experienced sexual abuse, the average age of sexual abuse for children is 9 years old, 93% of children know sexual offenders, 47% of sexual offenders are family members or acquaintances. Among many anti sexual assault 'teaching materials', the anti sexual assault video for children produced by howtotell your child organization in the United States is about 7 minutes long. The content of the video is simple and vivid. In three steps, it can teach children the safety knowledge of anti sexual assault and become one of the high-frequency Videos forwarded by parents.

Through three links of "teach children to identify bad people", "teach children to know the privacy part, be alert to five alarms", "build a list of caregivers and love circle with children", the video uses lovely characters to teach children the knowledge of sexual assault prevention, and conduct "in class test" after the safety course to ensure children understand and remember. In particular, the video points out that bad people don't mean 'grow bad'; children need to have the ability to identify bad people, but also need to have the courage to say 'no' to bad people.