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What is Datura ingested by husband and wife? What is the reaction of poisoning?

What is Datura ingested by husband and wife? What is the reaction of poisoning?

Sihaiwang: Although plants have no lethality, if you don't eat them, they will kill you. Recently, a couple in Chengdu were poisoned by eating stramonium flowers.

Li Lin and his wife, who live in Qingbaijiang, usually like to plant flowers. Recently, the Datura flowers planted in their home are in full bloom, which are very lovely. Li Lin thought that such fresh flowers might have the effect of clearing fire. On the evening of September 10, Li Lin and his wife picked a mandala flower and a few flower tips, mixed them with three eggs and fried them for dinner, but they didn't find any peculiar smell.

About an hour after the meal, the husband and wife have dry mouth and uncomfortable throat. 'I didn't care. I began to get upset at night. "Li Lin said that when he got up at night, his gait was unsteady and he fell down. At the same time, the couple had hallucinations and felt that several masked people were shaking in front of their eyes & hellip; & hellip; felt that the situation was serious. The couple immediately went to the local hospital for emergency treatment and took the flowers off. After treatment, the Li Lin and his wife were soon out of danger. Doctors found that both were poisoned by Datura. This afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Li Lin recovered from Qingbaijiang District Hospital of Chengdu No.

Datura, also known as goldenrod, eggplant and so on, is toxic in the whole plant, with the most toxic seeds. The patients will suffer from dry mouth and throat, dysphagia, rapid pulse, mydriasis, etc. in severe cases, coma, respiratory and circulatory failure will occur and die. Because its main function is to relax the muscles and inhibit the secretion of sweat glands, the ancient people named this medicine "Mongolian sweat medicine". Since the 1970s, the traditional Chinese anesthetics, mainly Datura, have been playing brilliantly. This anesthesia method has attracted the attention of foreign medical experts and made contributions to the world medicine. Experts said that Datura not only can be used for anesthesia, but also for the treatment of diseases, but also because Datura is highly toxic, it must not be eaten at will.

This is the second case of Datura poisoning admitted this year, according to the medical staff in the emergency department of Qingbaijiang District Hospital, the second people's Hospital of Chengdu. Previously, another patient was poisoned by eating noodles cooked with Datura. The doctor reminded that don't eat Datura by mistake. Once poisoning occurs, you should go to the hospital immediately.

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Mandala is also called Mandala, Manda, manzha, Manda, zuixihua, dog walnut, golden flower, maple and eggplant flower, peach flower, Naoyang flower, Trumpet Flower and eggplant. Herbaceous or semi shrubby, 0.5-1.5m high, nearly smooth or pubescent in the young part. Stem stout, terete, pale green or purplish, lower part lignified. Leaves broadly ovate. Flowers solitary between branches and forks or axils of leaves, erect, shortly pedicellate; calyx tubular. Capsule erect, egg like surface with hard needle or sometimes without needle and nearly smooth, pale yellow after maturity, regular 4-valved. Seeds ovoid, slightly oblate black. The flowering period is from June to October, and the fruiting period is from July to November.

The toxicity of the whole plant of Datura stramonium is the most serious, especially the seeds, the young leaves and the dry leaves. The symptoms of Datura poisoning usually occur half an hour after ingestion, 20 minutes at the most, and no more than 3 hours at the latest. Most of the symptoms disappear or basically disappear within 24 hours. The serious ones enter into dizziness, sleep, spasm, cyanosis, and finally die of dizziness and confusion after 24 hours.

The main toxic components of Datura are alkaloids such as anisodamine, atropine and scopolamine (extract of Datura). They are all a kind of muscarinic blocker, competing for muscarinic receptor and interrupting the control of parasympathetic nerve. Atropine can stimulate or inhibit the central nervous system, with a half-life of 2.5h; scopolamine (extract of Datura) is a kind of belladonnine like atropine, which can block M-cholinergic receptor, has an exciting effect on the respiratory center, the central effect is mainly inhibition, can inhibit the secretion of glands, and has a sedative and hypnotic effect on the brain, with a half-life of 8h. The effect of anisodamine is stronger in peripheral and central areas. It is used as an antidote of cholinesterase and cholinergic adduct with a half-life of 3.5H. The toxic effect of alkaloids is to excite the central nervous system first and then inhibit it, block the acetylcholine reaction, and present a state of high sympathetic excitation after poisoning, which can stimulate the brain cells to produce strong agitation, stimulate the spinal nerve reflex system, and produce convulsions and spasms.

In addition to planting flowers to reflect the taste of the host, what's more important is the impact on the home environment and family health. After all, Datura is a highly toxic substance, which can cause cancer and illusion. Therefore, Datura is not suitable for home decoration, but it can be planted in the yard, just be careful not to eat or smell its fragrance by accident, so as to avoid poisoning.