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Nanyang tiger bite feeding the old how is the old man

Nanyang tiger bite feeding the old how is the old man on November 22, a video of an old man feeding a tiger and biting his hands on the Internet made people sigh, and the bloody picture was shocking. According to the latest report, the old man has come to life after being treated in hospital.

According to the text and picture information sent by netizens in the wechat circle of friends, a mobile circus car carrying animals such as lions and tigers was parked in Jinshan square, jingziguan Town, Xichuan County on the afternoon of the 22nd to perform at night. The animals such as lions, tigers and monkeys attracted many onlookers to stop and watch. At 3:00 p.m., an old man was killed by a tiger when he was feeding the animals on the car through a guardrail. Later, the crowd gathered around to rescue him. Several people beat the tiger with long sticks in turn, and finally the old man was rescued. After the incident, the old man fell to the ground in a coma.

On the afternoon of the 23rd, Mr. Yang, the driver who was transporting the elderly to the hospital, was interviewed by telephone. According to his introduction, the injured person was about 60 years old. He took the old man to jingziguan health center that afternoon, and then sent him to a hospital in Shiyan City, Hubei Province for treatment. At present, the bitten old man lives in his right hand due to timely medical insurance. In addition, the evening news gentleman learned from the local government that this matter is under further investigation.

What about being bitten by a tiger? The reporter asked the doctor on duty in the emergency department of the first people's Hospital of the city about this question. According to a doctor surnamed Ma, it is rare to be attacked by large beasts in our city. In fact, it is similar to being bitten by a dog. First of all, after being bitten by animals, the wounds of the patients should be washed immediately. Use clear water or 20% soapy water to wash the wounds continuously within one hour of the incident. When washing, the wounds should be squeezed constantly to remove the contaminated blood with toxin. Rinse repeatedly for at least 15 minutes. In general, part of the toxin can be washed out. Then disinfect the wound with iodine or medical alcohol. After treatment, no bandage or ointment is needed. Send it to the hospital or clinic as soon as possible. Patients should be injected with tetanus and rabies vaccine as early as possible, preferably within 24 hours, because over time, the toxin will flow with the blood and flow to other parts of the body, which may cause rabies.

This reminds you: the animal ferocity, had better stay away from. No matter in the zoo or in the circus, don't watch or tease animals at close range. Be a civilized tourist.

According to Nanyang micro vision:

On the afternoon of November 22, 2017, a mobile circus car with lions, tigers and other animals was parked in Jinshan square, jingziguan Town, Xichuan County, ready for the evening performance.

The lions, tigers, monkeys and other animals in the car attracted many onlookers. An old man was bitten by a tiger when he was feeding animals on the car through a guardrail. The crowd at the scene panicked.

Several people rotate to drive the tiger with a long stick. The tiger just refuses to let go. The human tiger is stuck for about 2-3 minutes before the tiger is driven to let go.

Then the old man was pulled away by an ambulance in time.

At present, the old man who was bitten has come to life. Because he was sent to medical insurance in time, the old man said in an interview that it felt like a nightmare.

Little knowledge:

Which animals can hurt people?

In all statistics, cats, such as lions and tigers, cause the most and the most serious injuries. They are all masters of sudden attacks, and their amazing bite force is fatal.

Ursidae is also a fierce killer. When brown bears attack, they can run faster than 40 kilometers per hour. From time to time, people are bitten by giant pandas.

matters needing attention:

1. Children should be accompanied by their parents all the way. When you meet such tourist areas as xiongshan mountain and Shihushan mountain, you must pay attention to safety and not too far ahead.

2. For babies too young, it's better not to be too close to animals. The small fluff of some birds can easily cause upper respiratory diseases and allergies of children.

3. Do not eat animals at will. The feeding of tourists is easy to cause disease or even death of animals, and it is also easy to be scratched or bitten by animals.

4. Don't 'tease' animals. In case of estrus or lactation of animals, it is easy to cause hostility of animals, thus causing tourists' own danger.

5. Don't shout or pat the glass excitedly during the tour. Some animals are nocturnal and rest during the day. Disturbing their normal life and inherent habits is not good for them.

6. Take pictures of animals, and try not to use flash. This can irritate the animal's eyes. If it's a horse, it may be frightened, irascible and hurtful.

7. Comply with the relevant regulations of the zoo. Respect and abide by the relevant regulations of the zoo. There will be obvious warning signs in the scenic area, so we can't relax our vigilance.

8. In the open wild animal park beast area, we must abide by the regulations, close and lock the doors and windows, do not feed or get off without permission!

How to help yourself in an emergency:

The first thing to do is not to run, too big action will stimulate the tiger, never bend or squat, let it think you want to attack it, it will fight back.

After standing still, you should look into the tiger's eyes with the most ferocious and calm eyes, because the tiger is good at sneaking attack.

If they get closer, stretch out your arms and try to look big and strong. Don't show any fear. If you have a stick on your hand, you can hit something like a metal bucket with a stick and make a noise to scare away the tiger.