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The story of three primary colors kindergarten

Original title: needles, pills, naked penalty station... Red, yellow and blue kindergarten was exposed to child abuse! There was a road running incident in Tianjin!

The whole process of red, yellow and blue child abuse have you been swiped in red, yellow and blue by micro blog and wechat today? Recently, the red, yellow and blue kindergarten was exposed to child abuse, and the teachers in the kindergarten injected needles and gave medicine to students. The red, yellow and blue incident caused great public concern. Both ordinary people and stars are denouncing the red, yellow and blue incident, to give you a truth. Let's see the details of the incident and the latest progress!

According to a number of red, yellow and blue (Xintiandi Park) parents reflect, children's legs, buttocks, armpits appear needle eye. Pictures from parents

Event details:

Parents of the kindergarten revealed that the child was stabbed by the teacher! The white pill was fed! The police have been involved in the investigation!

Starting in the evening of November 22nd, more than ten children's parents reflected that the children of the international class 2 in Chaoyang District Guanzhuang red and yellow blue Kindergarten (Xintiandi Park) encountered a teacher's needling, feeding unknown white pills, and providing pictures of multiple needles on their children's body. Reporters learned today that Chaoyang police have stepped in to investigate the incident. At present, kindergarten staff said that the Dean was cooperating with the police investigation and could not be interviewed by the media.

At about 2:00 p.m. on November 23, the reporter saw dozens of parents gathered at the gate of the kindergarten. The kindergarten informed the meeting this afternoon, but did not specify the specific content of the meeting. Some parents are waiting for their children to participate in the activity.

On the morning of November 23, dozens of parents were still waiting outside the kindergarten to learn about the situation. They wanted to see the dean and asked to watch the monitoring video of the park, but they were stopped by the security guard. According to parents, since yesterday afternoon when their children left school, more than one parent called the police. 'our child is three and a half years old, with pinholes on his legs and buttocks. I'm shaking with rage. "An old man told reporters that yesterday he heard that a parent reported a crime. He went back to see his children carefully and found that they also had pinholes. Because he was not sure, he took the child to the hospital. The doctor confirmed that the small dots on the child were indeed pinholes." the child said that the teacher would not sleep for injection, but also said that he would give his parents an injection if he was not obedient. '

The parents described that the pinholes appeared in the legs, buttocks, armpits and other parts. Another head of the family said she asked the child directly 'where did the teacher stab you?' the child immediately pointed to the armpit.

One parent said that the child refused to go to kindergarten in the past three or four days, saying that the family realized the problem only after the teacher gave them white pills. In the video evidence provided by the parents, the children hold a white pill and recall 'having eaten & hellip; & hellip; what the teacher gave them to eat & hellip; & hellip; sleeping and eating & hellip; & hellip; what other children eat & hellip; & hellip; every day they eat & hellip; & hellip;'

Parents' complaints circulated on the Internet

After the incident, the kindergarten teachers involved in the incident sent a message to the parents group, saying that they are cooperating with the relevant parties in the investigation and will inform the parents as soon as possible if there is any progress.

Kindergarten Dean's response:

Receiving parents to deal with relevant issues

In response to the above-mentioned parents' feedback, Jiang, the head of honghuanglan kindergarten, said that she was receiving parents to deal with relevant matters, which can be learned from the District Education Committee.

Today, the staff of Chaoyang District Education Committee said that they have received reports from parents. The Education Committee attaches great importance to this and has set up a working group to investigate in kindergarten. At present, it is still in the process of investigation and handling, and it will report the results to the public in time.

At present, the police have intervened in the investigation, and the video provided by the parents also shows that the police have extracted evidence such as the child's pinhole. A criminal police officer of Chaoyang Branch said that he had extracted a large number of monitoring videos from the park, saying that the police were in the process of investigation, and that the parents concerned who wanted to know the situation would follow him to the conference room of the police station, and he would explain the work of the police in detail.

The police have also stepped in.

At the beginning, red, yellow and blue kindergarten was a child abuse recidivist! Needles are frequently used! They are still listed in the United States!

The investigation found that the red yellow blue kindergarten is not the first time to abuse children with needles. It is a "recidivist". The teachers of the former kindergarten were arrested for abusing children with needles. The most exaggerated is that such a kindergarten even went to the United States in September this year!

It's not the first time that red, yellow and blue abuse children! In April this year, there was a child abuse incident in Beijing Fengtai red, yellow and blue dahongmen kindergarten. The video of kindergarten teachers fighting against children has been widely spread on the Internet. In the previous 2015, the red yellow blue kindergarten in Siping City, Changchun City, Heilongjiang Province also suffered from child abuse.

According to Xinhua News Agency on January 21, 2016, in November 2015, in Siping red, yellow and blue kindergarten, parents found many red pinholes in children's waist, legs, head and so on, a few or more than a dozen. It is suspected that the kindergarten teachers did it, involving more than 20 children in multiple classes. Later, parents reported the case to the police station.

More than 50 pinholes were found in children with the most new and old injuries.

After the incident, the park was shut down by the Education Bureau of Tiexi District, and 5 teachers involved were detained by the police. Recently, four people were arrested by the people's Procuratorate of Tiexi District, and one was released on bail pending trial.

About 30 children in the red, yellow and blue kindergarten of Siping City were stabbed and abused by teachers

According to the public information, honghuanglan kindergarten is a self operated kindergarten of honghuanglan children's Education Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "honghuanglan children's education company"). Honghuanglan children's education company is an early education institution established in 1998, which focuses on the 0-6-year-old children's education market. It has formed three major Kindergartens: honghuanglan parent-child Park, honghuanglan kindergarten and Zhudou early education package Education brand.

On August 30, red yellow blue children's education company submitted an IPO application to the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), intending to raise no more than $100 million. Credit Suisse Group and Morgan Stanley will act as its underwriters. At the end of September, it was listed on NASDAQ in the United States, with an issue price of $18.50. As of November 22, the share price was $26.71, up more than 44% compared with the issue price. At present, the U.S. stock market is closed.

"Red, yellow and blue kindergarten" in Tianjin, a kindergarten has had a road running incident!

According to the data from tianyancha, Beijing honghuanglan Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing honghuanglan"), located at No. 8, Hangfeng Road, Science City, Fengtai District, Beijing, was incorporated in 2007 with a registered capital of US $7.15 million. The chairman of the company is Cao Limin, and other senior executives include Hu Wen, Zhang Huijie, Deng Yanling, Shi Yanlai, Chen Yongchun, sun Wenyu, etc. The red, yellow and blue educational institutions that the company shares are all over the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Guiyang, Dalian, Changchun, Xuzhou, Changzhou, Qingdao, etc. According to the official microblog of "red, yellow and blue parent-child Park", red, yellow and blue have spread to more than 1000 homes in more than 300 cities across the country.

Red, yellow and blue kindergartens also have franchised kindergartens in Tianjin. According to the data, as early as 2010, the Tianjin Branch of red, yellow and blue parent-child kindergarten suddenly closed, and franchisees ran with money.

According to, there are still red, yellow and blue kindergartens in Tianjin.

People's Daily Comments:

The bottom line of child abuse cannot be broken down

In the past two days, Beijing Red, yellow and blue kindergarten reappeared the suspected "child abuse incident". At present, the child's description, some exposed photos and parents' complaints continue to swipe the screen. At present, Chaoyang District Education Committee and police have been involved in the investigation. Under the strong light of high public opinion, why does this happen? How many children have been hurt? To what extent have children been hurt? All kinds of questions, I believe that there will be authoritative and clear answers soon, and relevant personnel will be dealt with seriously according to laws and regulations.

It should be said that the vast majority of kindergartens and kindergartens have standardized and scientific management, which can make children grow up healthily and parents trust with ease. However, from the teachers of Shanghai Ctrip's parent-child garden feeding their children mustard, to the little red hat kindergarten in Lianzhou Town, Hepu County, Guangxi, to the Little Swan Tengfei kindergarten in Wanglu village, Yuzhou District, Yulin City, to the golden cradle kindergarten and the red yellow blue kindergarten in Beijing, these recent events, although all extreme cases, have hit the child, the most tense nerve of the parents. Children's physical and mental injury and negative public opinion caused by events, even if the probability is one thousandth of a percent, not only need to be paid enough attention, but also should be rectified at the source.

Let the law have teeth. It is immoral to do harm to children, and even more suspected of violating criminal law. From the protection law of minors to the amendment of criminal law (9), the scope of abuse subjects is expanded, and there is no vacancy in legislation in China. However, if the sentencing is not enough, there is no basis for punishment and the law enforcement is not strict, it is difficult to reach the original intention of legislation. In this sense, we must comb and summarize the cases, discuss the feasible measures and advertise them in the aspects of proof and verification, rapid feedback, etc., and come up with more authoritative legal interpretation and more effective law enforcement demonstration. The laws for the protection of children can only make convictions and punishments more targeted and deterrent if they are truly 'toothed' and severely punish wrongdoing.

Let the classroom have "sunshine". The public opinion of child abuse incidents broke out in a short period of time. It is imperative to organize the anti abuse, anti sexual assault and other children's courses into kindergartens to teach children, parents and teachers a lesson on how to say no to abusive sexual assault, how to find and deal with problems, and the serious consequences of touching the red line. In addition, investment should also be strengthened to ensure full coverage of monitoring probe and no dead corner in the park through technical prevention monitoring. It is reported that Beijing has taken action and is rapidly investigating the relevant hidden dangers. Only when the school is on the right track and safe, can the children be returned to a clear sky. This requires both top-level design and intelligent crowdfunding and action crowdfunding of the whole society.