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What's the name of episode 19 of my PE teacher? Where can I listen

What's the name of episode 19 of my PE teacher? Where can I listen

Sihaiwang: my PE teacher's play has been widely praised by the audience since it was launched, especially for many good episodes in the play, everyone is very interested.

In the 19th episode of yesterday's update, Wang Xiaomi's background music played when she took the suitcase to find her girlfriend and wanted to join her aroused the curiosity of many viewers.

This play is mainly around the emotional life of two people of different ages as the main line. In addition to being full of positive energy, my PE teacher is also full of funny plots.

In the latest story of my PE teacher's update, Wang Xiaomi and his mother had a big fight because of mark. Then they took the suitcase and went out, but they didn't know where to go. At this time, the background music in the play arouses the curiosity of many netizens. The background music is very pleasant to listen to, some light and some melancholy, especially the "one person sighs, two secrets" in the lyrics, which resonates with the audience.

It is understood that the episode of the 19th episode of my physical education teacher is called "never mention", which was sung by Wang Xiaochen. This song is also the first time that Wang Xiaochen sang. Although it is the first time, Wang Xiaochen's excellent singing has left a deep impression on everyone.

This is a song composed by Liu Jia, filled in by Li Dan and Liu Jia, and sung by Wang Xiaochen. This song, through Wang Xiaochen's emotional singing, shows everyone the hard feelings between Wang Xiaomi and mark she plays. Let's take a look at the lyric appreciation.

"Never mention" composed by: Liu Jia lyrics: Li Dan Liu Jia singing: Wang Xiaochen recording mix: Wang Luyao Ding chenze

On a rainy day

You're alone in front of my eyes

There's no show

Just before the ticking clock

You hold my shoulders

And you said to me

Goodbye, never again

You don't have to doubt it

Don't forget

Never mind

Just leave when you hear from me

Just give up and I won't talk about it

A sigh

Two secrets

Nobody can afford to play

I don't cherish the game

Don't care, don't talk

Turning away from you

Turn around and let go of your thoughts

Turn around and don't look back

Don't let you spread a sigh in your heart

No one can afford to play two secrets

I don't cherish the game

Not care

never say a single word about