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Answer 3000 harassing calls in 7 days. How can I intercept your call

Answer 3000 harassing calls in 7 days. How can I intercept your call have you ever met a harassing phone call? It's hard to avoid that in our daily life. What will you do? Recently, a citizen in Beijing has a verbal conflict with the other party after receiving the harassing phone call. However, the nightmare begins. He has received more than 3000 harassing phone calls in seven days. What's the matter? How can you solve the problem when encountering the harassing phone call? Let's have a look!

Not long ago, Mr. Dou recalled, he turned down a phone call. In early November, he received a call from a loan company asking if he had any demand for a loan. When Mr. Dou refused, the loan company called again and again. Mr. Dou was very angry. He added the phone number of the loan company to the blacklist. However, two days later, the loan company changed its number and kept on calling Mr. Dou to ask if he needed a loan. This annoyed Mr. Dou. In words, he expressed strong dissatisfaction and warned the other party not to call again, or he would take legal measures.

Hung up the loan company. Mr. Dou thought it was over. Unexpectedly, it was the beginning of his nightmare. Since 1:00 p.m. on November 4, in just two hours, he received and connected dozens of calls. After dialing back, the other side said that they had never called Mr. Dou. As of that evening, Mr. Dou had received more than 300 strange calls. This phenomenon continues. As of the 10th, Mr. Dou has received more than 3000 calls. In the unbearable, Mr. Dou chose to call the police, and the public security organ told him to contact the operator first, because he was likely to encounter the bombardment of "call to death" software, so he received so many inexplicable calls.

Mr. Dou contacted Unicom's customer service staff, but the customer service staff said, "call to death" as an external software is not within the scope of Unicom's control, it can only be intercepted through a third-party software. At present, Mr. Dou has not found effective interception measures. He said that if there is no way, he can only change his cell phone number.

How to intercept the phone in case of harassment?

1. For the harassment calls that we can find the phone numbers, we can make complaints and safeguard the rights according to the phone numbers of the reported harassment calls launched by the relevant departments and the operators such as China Mobile Unicom, so as to block these phones. The numbers are as follows:

(1) China Mobile's bad and garbage information acceptance platform 10086999

(2) China Unicom customer service hotline 10010

(3) China Telecom customer service hotline 10000

(4) China Netcom Customer Service Hotline 10060

(5) Ministry of industry and information technology bad and garbage information reporting center 010-12

2. Some mobile phones have functions such as blacklist or mobile phone call firewall, which can set the number of harassment phone in the blacklist like QQ blacklist, so that the number in the list can not be called in.

3. If the mobile phone does not have the function similar to blacklist, you can download Tencent mobile manager or 360 manager and other software, and use their harassment interception function to intelligently intercept the harassment calls, so that not only those numbers that often call the harassment calls cannot be called in, but also the sales calls can be screened.

4. Part of the harassed calls are bombed by software similar to "call to death". The number dialed in this way is generally displayed as a private phone, so it is difficult to find its source. It is suggested that Tencent Butler, 360 Butler and other software should be combined with your shield software to isolate most of your calls.

5. If the harasser asks for money, remember to save the evidence such as call recording or other communication records in time and report the case to the public security organ at the first time. Don't compromise, because even if you call the money and the other party doesn't follow the agreement, you can't help it.

Small edition plus meal 1: making a harassment call belongs to sending other information for many times to interfere with other people's normal life. Its behavior has violated the provisions of the law on administrative penalties for public security and is suspected of interfering with other people's normal life. Therefore, if you feel that you have been harassed for so many days, and you find the relevant information of the harasser through the communication company or other ways, you can report the case to the public security organ and ask for the investigation of its administrative responsibility for public security. However, you should note that only if the other party does not have extortion and other acts, it does not constitute a crime.

According to Article 42 of the law on penalties for public security administration, "Whoever repeatedly sends obscene, insulting, intimidating or other information to interfere with the normal life of another person shall be detained for not more than five days or fined not more than 500 yuan; if the circumstances are serious, he shall be detained for not less than five days but not more than 10 days and may also be fined not more than 500 yuan." '

Add meal 2: if the other party's harassment has caused certain harm to you, you can sue the people's court for compensation for medical expenses and mental loss.

There is a law to follow: Article 1 of the interpretation of the Supreme People's Court on Several Issues concerning the determination of liability for compensation for mental damage in civil tort stipulates: 'if a natural person has been illegally infringed on his right to health and has filed a lawsuit with the people's court for compensation for mental damage, the people's court shall accept it according to law. The second paragraph of Article 8 stipulates: 'in case of serious consequences caused by the mental damage caused by the infringement, the people's court may, at the request of the victim, order the infringer to compensate for the corresponding mental damage relief money, in addition to making him bear civil liabilities such as stopping the infringement, restoring his reputation, eliminating the impact and making an apology. '

Add meal 3: if you want to sue for rights protection, you must check the evidence, investigate and collect sufficient evidence to prove that the harasser is the other party, and that the other party's harassment is a long-term and sustained behavior, and cause certain damage to your own health and other facts. If you feel that you don't know how to collect evidence, you can directly consult the Legal Administrator's online lawyer; you can also expose the matter on the Legal Administrator's exposure platform, and fully listen to the opinions of netizens; you can even directly initiate crowdfunding in the Legal Administrator's exposure platform, at that time, there will be a professional lawyer team to protect your rights, which is labor-saving and worry free!