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A kindergarten in Beijing was exposed that red, yellow and blue were listed companies?, the most popular news in these two days seems to be the news that red, yellow and blue kindergartens are injected with needles and drugs. It's outrageous that such despicable behaviors exist as a listed company!

Red, yellow and blue listed on the NYSE in September 27th were exposed for less than 60 days. The children in the second class of Guanzhuang kindergarten in Chaoyang District, Beijing, were pinned and fed unknown tablets.

In response to this matter, the reporter of Securities Daily contacted the relevant personnel of the company. For the matters mentioned in the current public report, the company said that the police had stepped in and the company was actively cooperating with the police in the investigation. Now it is inconvenient to be interviewed.

The Securities Daily reporter inquired about the official kindergarten WeChat and the red, yellow and blue official public number. For this matter, before the deadline, there was no mention in the public number.

Honghuanglan was just listed in the United States on September 27 this year. According to the public information, the company was founded in 1998. It has three major brands: honghuanglan parent-child Park, honghuanglan kindergarten and Zhudou parenting.

After the listing of the New York Stock Exchange, Shi Yanlai, the founder and President of red yellow blue, once publicly mentioned that "after 19 years of perseverance, we have not only reaped the great development of the National Park office, but also gained a leading brand with parents' confidence and social dependence".

In the company's WeChat public number, after listing, the company mentioned in an open letter, "now we have more than 300 cities in China, with an average weekly service of nearly 300 thousand children and families. It is widely recognized by parents and the community in the whole country, and millions of children enjoy high quality preschool education in red, yellow and blue."

In terms of development strategy, red, yellow and blue once told the media after going public that expansion purchase will not be excluded in the future. "After going public, it will help us have more conditions and funds to invest in curriculum R & D and upgrading, talent introduction, faculty building, product quality improvement, and actively expand the industry and purchase opportunities. '

As of June 30, honghuanglan has 853 parent-child kindergartens, 255 kindergartens and 724 under construction and preparatory kindergartens.

For the future plan, the company said that it will 'strengthen the development of specialization, branding and ecology with the help of capital, focus on the development of core business to return investors, gather more international and domestic high-quality preschool education resources, inject new vitality into the development of China's preschool education, and continue to increase the strength of large-scale investment layout'.