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How to deal with these foods after scalding

Diet, in many cases, has a place. For example, scald, in addition to reasonable treatment, the following diet is also very important. If you eat the wrong food, the place of scald is not easy to heal, some even more serious.

What should I eat for scald? It's not easy to heal

1. Avoid hair after scalding

Scald patients are very sensitive to hair. After ingestion, the wounds are not easy to heal and produce edema. Common hair products include pork head, old mother pork, dog meat, venison, bird's egg, carp, coriander, garlic and leek.

2. Do not smoke, drink or tea after scalding

Nicotine in cigarettes constricts blood vessels, which is not conducive to the healing of skin wounds. Wine will expand blood vessels and promote blood circulation. When there is infection, should avoid alcohol, early protein exudation should be avoided.

3. Avoid heat and fire aid after scalding

Burn patients are full of fire and poison. Do not use hot and spicy things, such as hot pepper, chili sauce, onion, pepper, etc. otherwise, it will help the fire generate heat. After eating, the patients will have the disadvantages of fire and poison attacking their hearts.

4. Avoid coarse fiber and flatulence after scalding

Bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, leeks, celery, pineapple, etc. are common foods. When the gastrointestinal function of scalded people is low, they will swell and affect digestion after ingestion.

5. Avoid frying and baking food after scalding

Any fried, barbecue food, after eating will cause indigestion, and can make a fire. Such as fried pork chop, roast chicken, roast duck, pancakes, fried dough sticks, etc.

In general, the more severe the scald is, the more likely it is to have nutritional disorders. Malnutrition can delay wound healing, reduce immune function, further weaken the ability of anti infection and tissue repair, and seriously affect the prognosis. Therefore, for the scalded baby, we should give enough reasonable nutrition support.

What to eat for scald, quick recovery


Zinc deficiency will lead to the decline of fiber cell function, and zinc is mainly found in agaric, kelp and other foods.


Lack of lipids can lead to wound healing. Fish oil is rich in fatty acids, has anti-inflammatory effect, and is beneficial to wound healing.


Sugar is the main energy supplier of human body. It is indispensable to supply sufficient energy for wound healing. During the wound healing period, you can eat more fruits with rich sugar, which can not only increase sugar, but also take enough vitamins.


Increasing protein in diet can promote wound healing and reduce the chance of infection. Protein rich foods include all kinds of lean meat, milk, eggs, etc.

Vitamin A

It can promote wound healing. It mainly exists in fish oil, carrots, tomatoes and other foods.

Vitamin C

It can promote wound healing. It exists in all kinds of vegetables, fruits, jujube and capsicum.

If you want the wound to heal faster, eat more protein food, because protein can help the wound to heal.