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Is Tencent's acting Jedi survival free

Is Tencent's acting Jedi survival free Recently, Tencent will represent the domestic version of "survival of the Jedi: great escape". Previously, if the foreign version of "pubg" wants to play in China, there are many restrictions. But the first thing Tencent's agent does is transplant the foreign version to China, which is undoubtedly good news for many small partners, but many netizens are worried about Tencent Version of the chicken game is also charged, let's see again!

In fact, before that, it was the industry and players who were most concerned about the domestic agency power of pubg, and Tencent and Netease were undoubtedly the most powerful competitors. But in the end, Tencent chose an agent, while Netease chose to develop itself. Just yesterday, the reporter learned that Netease game will launch the PC version of "action in the wilderness", and optimize the low-end computers in depth to take the lead in entering the domestic PC market. Tencent, on the PC side, is undoubtedly a step behind.

But the appeal of pubg is no doubt that the competition is just beginning. However, with Tencent's agent, more problems appear in pubg. The reporter sorted out the most concerned questions of the industry and players, and tried to answer them one by one from the perspective of the media.

How is pubg reviewed?

As we all know, the game working committee once said that because the game "survival of the Jedi: the great escape" not only has a large number of bloody and violent contents, but also its game experience similar to the ancient Roman arena and the setting of the concept of survival seriously deviated from China's socialist core values and the traditional cultural habits and moral norms of the Chinese nation, which is not conducive to young consumers The State Administration of radio, film and television has a clear negative attitude towards this kind of games, which will be difficult to obtain the publishing operation license.

In yesterday's announcement, Tencent made a clear response to this. In the announcement, Tencent said: 'Tencent will keep close communication with the national competent department. After the cooperation is reached, it will adjust the content in the game that does not conform to the relevant regulations with pubg company in accordance with the relevant guidance of the competent department, further highlight the team cooperation and fair competition attribute of the game, ensure that it conforms to the socialist core values and the Chinese nation's Traditional cultural habits and moral norms. '

In other words, Tencent will make many changes to pubg to adapt to the domestic censorship system. In the second test, which was launched this afternoon, the slogan of "military exercise" was printed on both the plane and parachute, according to the report. Such a way of dealing with the current market with the vast majority of the 'big escape' game is no different.

What will Tencent bring to pubg?

"Down payment of 98, monthly payment of 30", "driving and & lsquo; bolt & rsquo; race" and many others were produced in "survival of the Jedi: the great escape" and widely spread. On the one hand, it proves that there are many problems in the game, such as high delay, multiple plug-ins and so on. On the other hand, it also reflects the helplessness of the players for the inaction of blue hole in the game operation.

After Tencent agent, the first problem that can be solved is undoubtedly high latency. Tencent also said that it would cooperate with pubg company to provide technical support for pubg national service, such as network optimization and server expansion.

Second is the problem of plug-in. Tencent takes a zero tolerance attitude to plug-in, whether it's in the dungeons and warriors, QQ flying car or anti war. Although it is difficult to completely eradicate the plug-in, the game ecology of the whole pubg is bound to be improved compared with the current stage.

Finally, Tencent said in the announcement that it will build a fair, healthy and sustainable ecosystem with partners from all walks of life in the industry such as live platforms, media, online service places, etc. In other words, in the future, the relevant content of pubg is expected to continue to be broadcast on major live platforms, and Tencent is also likely to create a series of e-Competition events for it, so as to further expand the influence of pubg.

What kind of charging strategy will Tencent adopt?

What kind of charging strategy will Tencent adopt in "pubg"? Can players who have purchased on steam transfer back to the national service free of charge? These questions are probably the most concerned by players. Unfortunately, in yesterday's announcement, Tencent didn't disclose relevant information, and its reply on the official wechat was also ambiguous (Tencent later deleted relevant messages and Replies). However, in the past Tencent's attitude towards the agent game steam version, we may find some clues.

Previously, after Tencent announced that it was acting as the agent of call of duty OL and rocket alliance, both the call of Duty series and rocket alliance were locked up on steam, so players could not buy or play games. At that time, this practice caused a lot of players to denounce. Therefore, in Tencent's consistent style, "pubg" is locked in the steam area, which is also about the rate of events.

However, things have changed. In South Korea, although Blue Hole gave kakao game the agency of Jedi survival: big escape to South Korea, it made it clear that there would be no Korean lock area on steam, and players could freely choose two versions of the game.

There are also many players said that if Tencent can really solve the network and plug-in problems, 98 yuan is not a big problem for them. Of course, Tencent does not exclude the use of 'free download + internal purchase charges' or' free download + time charges' and other profit models. As for the statement that in-game purchase changes the balance of the game, it is more just a joke of the players.

Will "pubg" be Tencent's last card in survival competition?

Not necessarily. Although Tencent has won the trump card game in the "survival competitive category", according to Tencent's consistent style, it will continue to launch relevant games no matter on the PC or mobile end, and seize a larger market share.

Don't forget that on the PC side (host), with "Jedi survival: big escape", there is also a game called "night of the fortress", and Tencent also owns a large number of shares in Epic Games, the developer of "night of the fortress".

On the mobile end, Tencent hasn't achieved the achievement in MoBa category, so it won't stop. To survive the competition of competitive market, with the attribution of the agency right of pubg, it will only become increasingly fierce.