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Application steps of ant loan in 2018

Alipay borrow is based on the large database by the comprehensive evaluation of the system to open, artificial can not interfere. It is suggested that Alipay should pay more telephone charges, utilities and Alipay's other functions, and accumulate more credit sesame scores to six hundred points or more.

Today, Xiaobian provides you with the steps of applying for ant loan in 2018. Don't believe the lie of success of online forced loan.

First of all, we need to open an ant through the Internet Banking Bank, and find the Internet Banking Bank in Alipay APP's' Alipay 'page. Click view below and an immediate download will appear. Click download now and install the online banking app. Open the Internet Banking Bank APP, login account or login with Alipay account. General Alipay account login is relatively simple, do not need to fill in some information.

After successful login, we can see a 'loan' button in the middle of the page. Click to enter. After clicking 'loan', you will automatically enter the ant loan page, which will display your loan limit.

The above is the steps of applying for ant loan in 2018. However, we should pay attention to the fact that only when sesame score is above 600 can we open ant loan. If you succeed in opening ant loan, Xiao Bian will remind you that although the interest of ant loan is not high, you should be cautious about the loan. In case of overdue repayment, the consequences will be more serious.