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How much does supermodel Liu Wen pay for a show? How much is Liu Wen worth?

I believe many people know Liu Wen from the program "let's love each other", but Liu Wen has been very popular before. As the world's top model, how much does Liu Wen spend on a show? Let's follow the editor to learn more about Liu Wen!

The value of cuckoo and Liu Wen in China is roughly as follows: the appearance fee of the event is 80000-100000 yuan, 200000 yuan for the show (it must appear as the 'main show' model, otherwise it will not take up the work), 300000 yuan for the advertising film (it must bring its own assistant, stylist, etc., and the cost is calculated separately), while the standard for performance abroad is higher.

Personal profile

Liu Wen, born in Yongzhou, Hunan Province on January 27, 1988, is a model in mainland China.

In 2009, she was the first Asian model to appear on the 'Victoria's Secret' underwear show. After 2011, AskMen again ranked the world's most beautiful 99 people in 2012. On August 29, 2013, it ranked third in the list released by MDC Top50. On July 26, 2014, he was selected into the MDC 'new superiors' global new supermodel list and became the first Asian model to enter the' new superiors' list In 2014, in the global model revenue list released by Forbes, Miranda & middot; Cole and Kate Moss tied for the third place with us $7 million.

Why is Liu Wen a supermodel in the world? From a young face who first appeared on stage T, to the world's top supermodel at the level of 'newsupers' who has won the favor of many top international brands, to the first EST & eacute; elauder global spokesperson who has been shining Victoria \' s Secret show for three consecutive years, and Liu Wen, who also has been listed in the top 3 of Forbes Global Model income list.

Now we turn to the reality TV show "let's love each other". Together with South Korean artist Choi Siyuan, we form a transnational CP 'pomegranate couple'. With a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, outstanding fashion taste and shy girl next door attitude, we have captured the support of a large number of fans. At the age of 27, Liu Wen, who has created many 'first' titles, has spent eight years since her debut to leave a deep impression on the fashion industry.

Supermodel is the most enviable profession in the modeling industry, because she has reached the peak position of model. No matter her status or income, it has been beyond the reach of other ordinary models. There are many supermodels in the world, such as Cindy Crawford, black beauty Campbell, Jordan and so on. At present, China has a number of super model fuselage world obsessions, such as Liu Wen, he Sui, Du Juan, Ma Yanli, etc., such as Miss world champion Zhang Zilin, third runner up Guan Qi, etc. are all models. In particular, Liu Wen, Hunan's sister, is the world's leading supermodel in China and the first Asian American model to enter the 'new super' list. She has been on the Forbes female rich list for many times. In the Forbes Global Model income list in 2014, Liu Wen tied for the third place with Miranda & middot; Ke'er and Kate Moss for $7 million.

Liu Wen, born in Yongzhou, Hunan Province on January 27, 1988, is a world supermodel. In 2009, she was the first Asian model to appear on the 'Victoria's Secret' underwear show. After 2011, AskMen ranked the world's most beautiful 99 people in 2012.

Recently, world super model Liu Wen released a 2015 autumn and winter blockbuster shot for a brand, which was sexy and flirtatious with lace hanging socks. The shy "big cousin" show in the program is perfect, with good figure at a glance. However, Liu Wen has been selected as a global beauty in China has been controversial. According to many people, Liu Wen is thin in stature, not big enough in three dimensions, but not sexy in bone sense. Her face is far away from the standard beauty. Her serious single eyelid, cheekbones are so high, and her skin looks black. How can she be regarded as one of the most beautiful in the world? She is more than twice as beautiful as her when she looks for a female star in China. Fan Bingbing, not her, should be included in the global beauty list. Others say that this may be the result of different aesthetic standards between China and the West.

Yes, Liu Wen is not that kind of amazing beauty. Let's first look at the public media's comments on Liu Wen: 'she is natural, clean and clear like a spring, she doesn't like to talk, she can communicate with her eyes, and her eyes are full of content. Her beauty lies in childishness and loveliness, simple and beautiful, beautiful and simple. Just like a piece of white paper, painting and calligraphy seem to have no style, but in fact, they have the most style. Liu Wen, from Beijing, is a game changer, constantly breaking through boundaries. '