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Hair loss becomes a social problem. You must not take these drugs to treat hair loss

Hair loss becomes a social problem. You must not take these drugs to treat hair loss the hairline is getting higher and higher. There are a lot of hair falling out after combing and shampooing. The young man in his 20s is going to lose his hair. Let alone the Mediterranean uncle with only a few hairs on his head.

Nowadays, hair loss has become a social disease that most troubles our Chinese people. Nearly 200 million Chinese people suffer from hair loss. Before, people's requirements for image were not particularly high, so most people have always been indifferent to the problem of hair loss. In addition, people's hair loss has always been around 40 years old, and their family career is relatively stable, so they will not pay special attention to the problem of hair loss. Now the trend of hair loss is getting younger and younger, and people's requirements for image are getting higher and higher, so there are more and more methods to treat hair loss.

In fact, the way to treat hair loss is nothing more than to go to the hospital to find the help of doctors, the prescription recommended by friends or through minimally invasive surgery such as hair transplantation to improve their image.

Let's talk about the drugs we should avoid on the way to treat hair loss today!

1. Yangxue Shengfa capsule

Is Yangxue Shengfa capsule a good drug to listen to such a name? But after reading the instructions, you will know that this drug is for hair loss caused by liver and kidney deficiency. But most of our hair friends belong to seborrheic hair loss, nourishing blood but not promoting blood circulation, not to stop the influence of hormones on hair follicles, so the hair friends with seborrheic hair loss still say goodbye to such drugs!

2. Fat removing and hair generating tablets

The main efficacy of the drug is clearly written, mainly for seborrheic hair loss, but also to remove oil, dandruff, blood and so on. In the eyes of Xiaobian, the drug has become a panacea for seborrheic alopecia. The drug ingredients in the manual are only some Chinese patent medicines, and the adverse reactions and drug contraindications are almost not clear. So it's best to use such drugs as adjuvants or not at all.

3. Liuwei Dihuang pill and Gushen Shengfa pill

The main effect of these two drugs is closely related to our kidneys. They are all drugs for nourishing yin and kidney or nourishing blood and strengthening kidney. The drug component in gushenshengfa pill contains Radix Polygoni Multiflori, which is easy to bring side effects to our liver. Two drugs in the treatment of hair loss, the principle is almost the same, so when you use it, we still need to pay attention to the kidney nourishing blood in the end can bring effect for your own hair loss. So as not to delay the best treatment time of our hair loss.

These drugs are often prescribed by doctors when we go to the hospital. We can see that the main effect is to invigorate the kidney. But there are many reasons for hair loss. Kidney deficiency is one of the causes of hair loss, but not all hair loss is caused by kidney deficiency, especially the hair loss friends with seborrheic hair loss. When treating hair loss, they must recognize their own hair loss type, so as to avoid walking the wrong way and spending the wrong money in the later treatment of hair loss!

For the seborrheic alopecia, we suggest that you should choose finasteride and minoxidil to treat your own alopecia. It can not only reduce the impact of androgen on the hair follicle, but also accelerate the blood circulation through external stimulation, and better treat our alopecia by internal regulation and external nutrition.