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What are the eating habits of the light snow festival? What do you eat on this day

What are the eating habits of the light snow festival? What do you eat on this day

Four seas net: today is light snow solar term, row 20 in 24 solar terms, also want to enter the beginning of cold winter. Now we are paying more and more attention to the traditional festivals. Although the blizzard solar term is not a big festival, what are the eating habits in different places on this day? Let's take a stock of them.

1. Taste Ciba

In some places in the south, there is also the custom of eating Ciba in October of the lunar calendar. In ancient times, Ciba was a traditional festival sacrifice in southern China, which was first used by farmers to sacrifice cattle gods. There is a saying that "in the October Dynasty, Ciba, Lulu and Shao" refers to the event of sacrifice.

Ciba is made by steaming glutinous rice and then punching it with special stone grooves. It's very laborious to make Ciba by hand, but the Ciba is soft and delicate and tastes excellent. Some are made of pure glutinous rice, some are made of millet, some are made of glutinous rice mixed with millet, and some are made of corn mixed with glutinous rice. In addition, sticky rice and glutinous rice are ground into powder, which is poured into a kind of wood carving mold with pattern engraved inside, commonly known as "deba". The production of Ciba is very labor-intensive. Several people must work together to complete the production.

2. Eating Goutang

Before and after the light snow, Tujia people began their annual folk activities of "killing pigs and greeting the new year", adding a warm atmosphere to the cold winter. Eating 'Goutang' is the custom of Tujia people. In the folk activities of 'killing New Year's pigs and greeting the new year', the delicacies made of the best fresh pork with heat are called 'Goutang'.

Tujia people say "pickled pork" refers to the pig that has just been slaughtered. After boiling water, its fur has been removed. Although it is already a dead pig, people have to ride on the pork before it has completely cooled, that is, before it has become a stiff piece of meat, it is still hot and soft. That is to say, cooking a variety of delicious fresh meat meals is called "Goutang meat". It's also said that it's called "eat live meat" or "eat live food". Maybe it's also the native people's nature that likes to catch fresh prey.

3. Dried fish

When it snows, fishermen in South Central Taiwan begin to dry and store dry food. The squid group will come to the Taiwan Strait before and after the light snow, and there are swordfish, sand fish, etc. Taiwan proverb: October beans, fat to the head, refers to the cloth bag area in Jiayi County, to the lunar October can be caught 'bean fish'.

4. Cured meat

There is a folk custom of 'salting in the winter and keeping it for the winter'. After light snow, the temperature drops sharply and the weather becomes dry. It's a good time to process bacon. After the blizzard Festival, some farmers began to make sausages and bacon, and they just enjoyed the delicious food during the Spring Festival. Hangzhou people often take advantage of this solar term to pickle duck and bacon.

Why do you like to pickle bacon and sauces in Xiaoxue? Experts explain that if the weather is hot, bacon and sauces will easily go bad and stink. After the light snow, the temperature basically shows a straight-line downward state, not likely to rebound and so on. At that time, when these things are ready, it's just about the time of new year's day. They can be taken out as new year's goods and gradually become a custom.