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Can I buy it on Taobao? How much is a down jacket for Chinese opera

A warm down jacket is absolutely necessary in winter. In the entertainment circle, a down jacket is the favorite of many stars. It's definitely the best standard for entering the fashion circle. So where can I buy a down jacket and how much is it?

I want to tell you that this down school uniform of Zhongxi is a big hit. Only Zhongxi students can buy it with their student ID card. It's less than 1000 yuan long. It's a good business.

I can't buy it online

Of course, such a precious limited amount of down clothes can't be said to be hoarded. The campus supermarket clearly says that one can only buy one piece, not more than one can't buy it on behalf of others. When you buy it, you need to take a student card to register. It's more difficult than buying an iPhone 7! The guys who got it all said that they would wear down clothes just like wearing a dragon robe. They would be the focus everywhere and radiate light all over!

It's said that the supply of goods is sufficient, waiting patiently for replenishment ~