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Will small s play in new Liuxing garden? Who is F4 of new Liuxing Garden

Will small s play in new Liuxing garden? Who is F4 of new Liuxing Garden the shooting of the new version of meteor garden is finally ready to start. Xiao s plays the woman of daomingsi temple, and the agent confirms it. Chai Zhiping, the godmother of idol drama, is in charge of the producer again. The main casting lineup includes the new F4 and fir candidates, which are officially open, and the beauty is affirmed by netizens. Next, whether the play will find the F4 and big s of the previous work, which are curious from all walks of life. The latest news comes out that the mother or sister of Daoming temple will be small s!

The new version of "meteor garden" F4 candidates have finally come to a conclusion. They are starred by Wang Hedi, Guan Hong, Liang Jingkang and Wu Xize. All of them are new people from different cities with different growth backgrounds. The average age is 21 years old and the average height is 185cm.

It is reported that the new meteor garden launched its casting selection plan for the whole world in June this year. The casting directors went to all major colleges and universities across the country to look for candidates for the leading actor. According to incomplete statistics, the cast received more than 30000 resumes of actors' self recommendation through the Internet alone. Applicants not only come from domestic universities, brokerage companies, but also many overseas delivery. Finally, the four people who were chosen were all non-technical background, but they shocked the producer Chai Zhiping for the first time, and then signed!