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What are the skills of kissing? Men must look at the full range of fancy kissing postures

What are the skills of kissing? A man must look at the full range of fancy kissing postures kissing is a way of expressing love or lust between lovers. Kissing between lovers can instantly arouse each other's lust. For the sweet friends who just tasted kissing, all kinds of new postures are waiting for you to unlock. The following presents you with the most complete kissing book in history, which will definitely make you and Ta addicted to kissing!

1. The most romantic -- blow kissing

After the movie is over, you walk in the streets of the city, and the sudden impulse makes you embrace each other. From gentle kissing to kissing, you don't care about the surprised eyes of passers-by. After a period of time, you separate your lips slightly, then gently blow the breath into each other's mouth and press your lips again. So repeatedly, I feel like the hero and heroine in a love film, intoxicated in the romantic atmosphere.

2. The most mysterious -- spiral kissing

Send her downstairs, after a few minutes of affectionate gaze, the boy comes up and kisses the girl's lips, at the same time, slowly extend the tongue into her mouth, match with her tongue and gently rotate it. At this time, in her heart, you are just a love knight, full of mysterious color. The girl will fall into your tenderness and cannot extricate herself. When breaking up, she only whispered three words: 'I love you!'

3. The craziest -- deep kiss

You quarreled. She decided not to talk to you again. Before she has time to back to you, you excitedly pull your girlfriend into your arms and stick your chin close to her. Despite resistance, you let your tongue go deep into each other's mouth, and hold her cheeks, so that her mouth is equally wide open. Only in this way can your tongue reach the depth of her throat. This crazy kiss makes you look ferocious. She may be electrified or scared by you. If she gets called, she will forget all your faults. If scared, she will bite your tongue off and run away.

4. Most irritating -- sucking kiss

The lover bathes and combs his long wet hair in front of the mirror. You can't help kissing her on the back and being pushed away by her smile. At last, you can't control your excitement, seal her mouth with your lips, and gently suck her lips like jelly. Her slightly angry expression becomes gentle under your kiss, and she closes her eyes, increases her breathing, and hooks her hand around your neck & hellip; & hellip;

5. Sweetest -- Vacuum kiss

You are going to Europe for a month. Before you leave, you and your girlfriend say goodbye at the airport. You touch each other's cheeks and hair, reluctant to part. When you see your girlfriend's cherry mouth, you can't help kissing it. Cover her mouth with your lips and suck continuously, forming a vacuum. She feels slightly suffocated and spinning. Such a kiss and the touch of both hands make both sides extremely enchanted.

Special skill of tongue kiss

1. Be prepared and make sure the atmosphere and timing are appropriate.

2. Relax, take a deep breath, do not tighten the neck and shoulders

3. Hold each other with a good look, pay attention to the position of hands, relax and don't look like a dead fish

4. Start with ordinary kissing gently and gradually. Don't be violent at the beginning. It may frighten the other party. Do you want to close your eyes.

5. It's the beginning of the play when you kiss half way. Slowly open your mouth, gently push the other's lips with your tongue, lure him to open his mouth

6. Then, it's also very gentle. Don't be too impatient. Stick your tongue into the other's mouth and tease his tongue mischievously

7. At this time, carefully observe the body language of the other party. If the other party feels nervous or resistant, take back your naughty tongue as soon as possible

8. If the other party also opens its mouth to fight with you, you can safely continue and put in more enthusiasm

9. During the French kiss, saliva will increase. Don't forget to swallow saliva, but don't move so much that the other party will notice. It takes time to accumulate experience

10. Keep your tongue relaxed, but hold your lips tightly, so that the mouth doesn't flow everywhere!

Kissing patterns

When kissing becomes a way to settle a relationship, you can play tricks;

When passion comes into burnout, change a form;