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Where is the 18th Luohan mountain? Introduction to Nansha 18th Luohan mountain

The 18th Luohan mountain is just above a forest hill in Nansha District of Guangzhou. This name is entirely because there are 18 big rocks like Arhats on the mountain. It's lined up in the forest. There are more than ten hills on the mountain, but the altitude nearby is not very high. It is a small Danxia landform. Although the place is small, it is well-equipped. It is a good place for daily sightseeing and mountain climbing.

Time reference: 2-3 hours traffic

Transportation Guide: Take South 66 bus to Dagang Zhongba station

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday

Admission: Free

Let's talk about the Danxia landform here! According to the previous experts' investigation here, it is also a typical Danxia landform distribution area in Guangzhou. We say that Danxia Mountain is the most famous one in Guangzhou! In this place, the old people have passed on many stories and legends from mouth to mouth. The story of meilang and buniang is the most well-known one among the local people. Only in major festivals can we see a stage set up under the scenic spot to tell the story. The natural resources here are outstanding. Because of this, more and more attention has been paid to it. It is said that 40 million yuan has been invested to develop it.

The current development situation is that the forest park is now divided into Jinping Mountain Scenic Area, liantangping scenic area, luohanling scenic area, xianmiao scenic area, sightseeing orchard area, nature reserve and so on

What's the special place to visit? The flowers in different seasons every year become the continuous source of passenger flow here. At present, there are plum forest, peach garden, new species of maple, Ying tree, Firebird wood, etc. Now, Jinping Mountain Scenic Area and liantangping scenic area have become leisure and fitness places for the general public. Every year, the beautiful flowers cause frequent visits from photography lovers.

Over the years, the scenic spot has been developing continuously. There is a tourist facility on the 18th Luohan mountain, but it seems that it is not open now! But recently, the wishing tree has been added. It's just a deciduous tree. In this season, all the leaves have fallen out! Only by adding these can it be confirmed that this is really a good place for meditation and rest.

It takes an hour to finish a mountain here. There are a lot of taxis in it, but they are all free places to rest! Here, January to march is definitely a peak of human flow, cherry blossoms on the road here are all open at this time, which can't be more beautiful! In the spring, there are many families in the square. In particular, a lot of Kuo AI's children fly kites here, and a lot of family members bring delicious food here for a picnic, put on a tablecloth, and bask in the sun. This is the family life Xiaobian has been looking forward to! Life is full of smoke and fire, but the person who has fun is really intelligent!

Venue: Fansheng Road, Dagang Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou

If you have Nansha 32, Nansha 65 and Nansha 39, you can go to Dagang, and then follow the navigation to the 18th Luohan mountain

Note: Nansha 58 can go directly to eighteen Arhats