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Does big cousin Liu Wen have wings? Who has wings in Chinese supermodels?

Did you pay attention to last night's Weimi show as a grand event in the fashion industry? Although Xi Mengyao fell down unexpectedly in the show last night, it seems that other supermodels performed very well, so last night's big cousin Liu Wen's modeling was even more amazing! Why did Liu Wen have wings only after five years of show?

We usually call the models who walk in the Vimy show "Vimy angel". In fact, this statement is wrong. Only the officially signed models can be called "angel" (the term is abbreviated to marisu). Not all "Vimy angels" have Vimy wings. In VS, apart from aesthetic considerations, wings are another symbol of vs model status. At some point in a show, you'll find that some have wings and some don't.

Many models don't have a pair of 'wings' for five or even seven years on the Weimi show, for example, Flavia Oliveira didn't have wings until the last time in five years, isabeli Fontana didn't have wings until eight years and 12 years & hellip; Xi Mengyao didn't have wings until last year.

Who arranged these wings? It mainly depends on the meaning of the designer. Even if you are a signing angel, you don't have wings. So who has wings in Chinese supermodels?

As the fourth Asian supermodel to enter Victoria's secret show, Xi Mengyao acquired her own first pair of wings in the 'Pink USA' shape in 2015. It is necessary to know that he Sui, who is also a supermodel, got her own wings in the fifth year when she boarded the Weimi stage. So with Liu Wen's position in supermodel, why didn't Liu Wen?

Liu Wen, a 21-year-old Chinese girl, replaced one of the angels in the 2009 victoria secret underwear show as the first Asian model to walk on Victoria's secret show. On the same day, she came out in a cool blue series, full of a sense of the future in her geometric dress. In the backstage, Liu Wen was still excited: "I am really surprised and happy, because I am the first Chinese model to board this T-stage. '

Liu Wen, who has been on the show for four years since 2012, did not participate in the show. It is said that Liu Wen is the spokesman of La Perla, a luxury underwear brand in Italy, so it is not allowed to show competing products. In fact, if cousin continued to leave, she would have taken wings long ago. After all, she didn't have an interview in the last year, and Weimi specially left a set of outfit for her to invite her to come.

In 2010, the big cousin had already put on the wings. At that time, Liu Wen was wearing a race car driver's show suit, and behind her was covered with colorful flags, which Weimi official website said were wings.

This time, Liu Wenwei's modeling won great praise from the audience. Some media said that Liu Wenwei had wings for the first time, and many fans argued in the comment area: "there were wings long ago, why say today's first time, this is the third time!"!. "The 2010 color flag and later fans were officially stamped as wings by Vimy. '