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How to divide the wing standard of Weimi show? What determines the wing size of Weimi show the annual Weimi show comes to an end. It is a collection of the world's top models. After a year's training, they finally bloom here. Careful audiences will surely find that during the model show, some people have wings, some don't have wings, and the size of wings is not the same. What determines this? Let's work out the mystery together!

What's the standard for wings show in vs?

Only the supermodel with high status in Vimy angel can be qualified to carry wings, so every show can roughly see his achievements in Vimy by looking at who has wings.

In VS, apart from aesthetic considerations, wings are another symbol of vs model status. If you turn over a few years of vs shows, you will find that not every model has wings, just a few with wings, such as Candice, Lima, AA, etc. They are all top models in the world, and they are also contracted models of vs company. They are also called "contracted angels". Most angels have cooperated with the company before signing Angel contracts with the company. For other guests, the brand will find the model's agent. After receiving the notice, there will be two try UPS for a period of time. The first interview is for the stylist to choose and try the right style for you. After the trial, the clothes will be modified to your proper size due to the average size, and then try again in a few days.

Of course, there will be wings for those who are not signed. In the "fairy tale" show of 2014 vs, there are four signed angels and eight who are not. It's the designer's meaning to give wings to anyone. Flavia Oliveira has been walking for five years vs. the last time she had wings. CW has been walking for seven years without wings. Isabeli Fontana has been walking for eight years. She didn't have wings until 12 years. Plus this year, she has two pairs of wings. Signing Angel Erin HEATHERTON and former Angel Rosie also had wings only in the fourth year.

What does Victoria's Secret wing represent

Victoria's secret, I believe everyone is familiar with it, it is now one of the most famous and sexy underwear brands in the world. In Weimi show, underwear seems to have gone beyond their original meaning, and become an element to build a grand and magnificent fairy tale mood. There are also differences between winged and wingless vermeen angels. Today, I'm going to introduce Victoria's Secret wing classification level!

In 2016, Victoria's secret underwear show will be held on November 30 local time in Paris. This year, more than 53 models will participate in the show, including Liu Wen, he Sui, Xi Mengyao and Ju Xiaowen, four Chinese models. As the fourth Asian supermodel to enter Victoria's secret show, Xi Mengyao acquired her own first pair of wings in the 'Pink USA' shape in 2015. It is necessary to know that he Sui, who is also a supermodel, got her own wings in the fifth year when she boarded the Weimi stage. Big cousin Liu Wen once wore wings, no special wings, but big cousin is very popular in supermodel circle!