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When is the best time to drink traditional Chinese medicine

When is the best time to drink traditional Chinese medicine

Sihai network: the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, which collects heaven and earth, restores the essence of 5 thousand years. It is the treasure left by our ancestors. As the saying goes, western medicine can cure symptoms and traditional Chinese medicine can cure the root cause of some old and stubborn diseases. Many young people don't know enough about traditional Chinese medicine. When is the best time to take traditional Chinese medicine orally? Take a look at this article.

When is the best time to drink traditional Chinese Medicine

Usually get sick, see traditional Chinese medicine, drink traditional Chinese medicine is the best choice for many people. Especially some old friends, often with Chinese medicine to regulate the body, prevent or treat chronic diseases. However, it is worth reminding that if you need to take traditional Chinese medicine for a long time, it is best to take it after meals.

When Chinese medicine is used in combination with traditional Chinese medicine, it pays attention to four Qi and five flavors. It is often based on the cold, heat, temperature and cool of the drug, and refers to the five flavors of spicy, sweet, sour, bitter and salty. When taking medicine on an empty stomach, cold and cold drugs or five kinds of drugs may cause certain damage to the gastric mucosa.

Different types of traditional Chinese medicine decoction take different time. Generally speaking, liver, kidney and intestinal diseases should be taken before meals; dizziness and throat diseases should be taken after meals; diarrhea drugs, tonics and insect repellents should be taken on an empty stomach; sedative drugs should be taken before sleep. These are based on the different conditions of the disease and the characteristics of the drug action, the general requirements for the time of taking medicine.

But in practice, the doctor will adjust the medication according to the physical changes of the patient, and the prescription will not be limited to a certain kind of medicine. In addition, the patient takes medicine for a long time, which is the third poison of the medicine, which will inevitably cause damage to the gastric mucosa. Therefore, we suggest that those who need to drink traditional Chinese medicine decoction for a long time should take the medicine within 30-60 minutes after meals to reduce the direct stimulation of the medicine to the gastric mucosa.

According to modern Chinese medicine, in principle, taking medicine should avoid the time of eating, and do not take Chinese medicine from half an hour before meals to one hour after meals, in order to prevent food from affecting the absorption of drugs by the gastrointestinal tract.

There are three types of drugs that are usually strictly required to be taken on an empty stomach: first, when treating gastric ulcer and gastric mucosal erosion, traditional Chinese medicines such as cuttlebone and bletilla are often used to inhibit the secretion of gastric acid and produce a protective film on the inner wall of the stomach. Such drugs should be taken on an empty stomach before meals as much as possible. Secondly, some diarrhea drugs, such as rhubarb for constipation, should also be taken on an empty stomach. Finally, tonic drugs are also recommended to be taken on an empty stomach.

But it needs to be emphasized that due to the different physical conditions of individuals, the reactions to drugs are also different. As mentioned above, Aunt Wang, who has side effects such as stomachache after taking the medicine on an empty stomach, should consider taking the medicine after meals instead.

The time of taking medicine should also take into account the nature and characteristics of the drug. The tranquilizer should be taken about 1 hour before going to bed; the anthelmintic should also be taken before going to bed. The night time should be used to kill the insects fully, and the next day the worms can be discharged from the body. The medicine for malaria should be taken 2 hours before the attack in a regular way, so as to kill the Plasmodium and control the attack of malaria symptoms.

Summary: it's the third poison of medicine. Both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine are the same. Don't drink it if you are not ill. As long as you rely on normal exercise, build up your body, and a reasonable three meal diet, rather than medicine, traditional Chinese medicine is good. At least, the side effects of traditional Chinese medicine are small, which can be used for comprehensive conditioning of the body. I hope it can help you.