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How much is the live address of metu V6 mobile phone conference announced

When will the press conference of Meitu V6 start? Before that, the official microblog of Meitu released a poster, which shows that Meitu will announce the content related to V6 mobile phone on November 1. How much is Mido mobile V6? Configuration disclosure.

actually earlier, this mobile phone has been displayed by the certification center of telecommunication equipment. From the previous pictures, this mobile phone has a front and back dual camera design, that is, four cameras design, which is the most powerful camera mobile phone under metu. However, we don't know how its specific performance and strength are.

When will the press conference of metu V6 start? Live time: 16:00, November 23, 2017

Today, the official microblog of Meitu finally brought further news, confirming that V6 will be officially released on November 23, while the rendering of the series of mobile phones will not be released. From the picture, in addition to the Orange exposure, there are blue, green and pink options. Angelababy (Yang Ying), the spokesman of Meitu mobile phone, also showed photos and pictures of the real machine on her microblog.

According to the official introduction, both the front and back of the V6 are equipped with full pixel PDAF focusing, OIS optical anti shake and the fourth generation dual image engine, and both the front and back support the movie portrait mode. In addition, it has new light effect camera, new video beauty and other functions.

In terms of hardware, the VTu V6 mobile phone is equipped with a 2.8GhZ processor, 4 / 6GB ram + 128GB ROM, 5 million + 12 million pixel dual cameras in front and back, and a 5.49-inch 1920 & times; 1080 resolution OLED screen. Android 7.0 is running on the system.