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How to clean suede shoes in winter? Cleaning and maintenance skills of suede shoes

For many girls, they like to wear plush shoes. The warm keeping effect in winter is much better than that in general boots, but do you know how to clean and maintain them? How to clean suede shoes when they are dirty?

cleaning method for dirty suede shoes

1. Clean the dust on the surface of shoes. First, wipe off the dust on the surface of the shoes with a dry cloth or a dry soft bristle brush.

2. use detergent, vinegar and water, according to the ratio of 2:1:50 to make the cleaning fluid. Dip the shoe brush into the solution and carefully wash the surface of the leather shoes. The dirty foam is dried with damp sponge to prevent the wet inside the shoes.

3. After basically cleaning the suede leather shoes, brush the leather shoes with clear water for 1-2 times, and finally put them in the ventilated place for air drying.

4. After drying the shoes for an hour or two, when the hair is slightly dry, brush with the rubber face in one direction to spread and tidy the hair.

How to manage suede shoes

1. After the shoes are dried, put newspaper in the shoes to prop up the upper, and spray renewal agent evenly 15 cm away from the shoes.

2. If the vamp is dripped with oil, it can be treated with suede degreaser, and then sprayed with suede renewal spray once.

3. The common essential oil used in the market is enough. The general price is within 10 yuan. Pour the essential oil on the cotton pad and wipe the vamp evenly. Follow the grain of the suede so as to play a good dust-proof role.

4. If it's to care for the worn suede shoes, you can use a cloth or soft brush to clean the dust on the surface along the direction of the suede, and then use the above methods to apply thin essential oil, which can well care for the suede shoes.

Note: all shoes should be cleaned and dried naturally before using the cream, polish or stain remover. When using these products, please read the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

How to maintain suede shoes

1. Suede wear

When suede shoes are worn for a long time, especially the part of the toe cap, the suede will gradually fall off, which will not only affect the beauty of the shoes, but also make the waterproof of the shoes worse. At this time, for small abrasion and scratches, appropriate treatment can be carried out: when the suede is dry, use scissors to correct the damaged part, select file and sandpaper according to the damage degree to grind, and then use a hard brush to rotate the brush back and forth in the rest place to make the upper more beautiful.

2. Suede cleaning

Don't rush to wipe the dirty fluffy shoes, because after wiping the shoes, it will let the small dust enter the bottom of the fur fiber, and make the dirty part expand and diverge more and more, which is more and more difficult to deal with. The correct way to deal with the dust of fluffy shoes is: if there is a lot of dust on the fluffy surface, brush the vamp back and forth with a soft toothbrush when the fluffy surface is dry; if there is oil stain or stubborn stain on the fluffy surface, brush it back and forth with a soft brush soaked in soapy water, and then wash it; if it is not stubborn stain, try to wipe it with an eraser, generally, it can be removed Remove most stains.

3. Wet shoes

Camel outdoor mountaineering shoes fluffy shoes also have a very difficult situation to deal with when the shoes are wet by water. At this time, the correct way is to dry the fluffy shoes naturally first, or use a towel that can't shed hair to slightly absorb water before drying. Pay attention not to expose to the sun or bake, which will cause damage to the shoes. When the fluffy shoes are seven or eight points dry, put them into waste newspapers Etc. to hold up the upper and avoid shoe deformation.

4. Shoe storage

Some people will use shoe powder to maintain fluffy shoes, and the effect is good. However, you should remember to clean the excess shoe powder with a brush after finishing the treatment In addition, if you don't wear the shoes, you should put the fluffy shoes in the shoe box after cleaning and correcting. When you store them, you should make sure they are completely dry to avoid mildew of wet shoes, and fill them with newspapers and waste paper until the shoe barrel to prevent the shoes from deforming in the empty time. However, we should not put the fluffy shoes in the plastic bag to seal and store them, so that they are airtight and the leather can not breathe, which will make the shoes moldy.