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Greasy middle-aged men are popular. Are you greasy?

What are the standards for greasy middle-aged men? For the middle-aged men who have already stepped into middle age, is the warming cup medlar in hand? Chinese men in this era, especially middle-aged men, seem to be "lying down and shot" almost every once in a while, becoming the target of public ridicule, the daily Daowai media said on November 20. In recent two weeks, the latest derogatory term with middle-aged men is' greasy man ', which sounds a bit off the mark. The initiator is a middle-aged man, Feng Tang, a 46 year old Chinese writer.

Singapore's Lianhe Morning Post website said on November 15 that he did not know whether it was due to his' greasy 'self-examination or his ignorance of the bad habits of his peers. On November 27, Feng Tang published on his micro blog the title' how to avoid becoming a greasy middle-aged lewd man '. He listed the ten principles to avoid becoming a' greasy lewd man 'in a self mocking manner, which immediately sparked heated debate.

According to the report, some of these 'guiding principles' are like chicken soup encouragement ('don't stop learning' and 'don't give people trouble'), while others are like spitting at the characteristics of middle-aged groups ('don't be fat 'and' don't talk about sex in public '). Feng Tang didn't give a clear definition of "greasy", but the overwhelming social media discussion after the publication of the article can't wait to come down to the Chinese standard of "greasy middle-aged man": greasy tone, bulging belly, slovenness, boasting about the past Extensive reprinting and arousing a lot of discussion also seem to indicate that the subject touches a sensitive nerve in society.

Why is' greasy middle-aged man 'boring? According to Feng Tang's article, the biggest' stain 'is nothing more than an irresistible middle-aged state -- because entering middle-aged body is out of shape, even discussing women in public has become a dirty activity; because it's easy to be long winded and preaching as you get older, even educating the later generation and sharing experience make people feel bragging.

Another stain is the unsophisticated and uncivilized habits. In his article, Feng Tang stressed that middle-aged men should not 'stare at girls' or get dirty. After all, the dirty in the youth is unruly and the dirty in the middle-aged is really dirty. '

According to the report, Feng Tang's disdain for middle-aged 'greasy men' is more like a deeply internalized discrimination against middle-aged men. Although 'greasy men' do have bad habits to be improved, the sarcasm of middle-aged state is another manifestation of young people's arrogance. What's worse, middle-aged men from different backgrounds are criticized as' greasy 'because of their dirty, fat, and love telling yellow jokes to adjust their lives, which may expose more differences.

In fact, this is the second time in three months that a middle-aged Chinese man has been recruited. In August this year, Zhao Mingyi, a drummer of the 50 year old Chinese Black Panther Orchestra, was photographed holding a heat preservation cup, which caused a little public uproar for no reason. The reason is that the former rock and roll iron man is now "reduced" to take a heat preservation cup and drink medlar water to support himself, which has triggered a discussion about the middle-aged crisis.

In addition to the "greasy" thermos cup, public opinion in recent years has also repeatedly raised the "boy crisis" (worried about men's too feminine behavior) and the "Bachelor crisis" (gender imbalance leads to too many single men), the report said. In the eyes of the outside world, Chinese men, especially middle-aged men, seem to be trapped in one crisis after another. Their living habits are constantly being magnified and examined, which makes people wonder: is there something wrong with Chinese men?

The report said that it is not so much the real 'crisis', but rather the era of conservative and open-minded gender awareness, which has a new set of requirements for men. Western gender researchers put forward the concept of "male crisis" many years ago to explain the shock and transformation of traditional male roles in the process of social transformation. At present, Chinese society is facing the collision brought by the rising of gender equality consciousness, the rise of consumerism, globalization and other cultural waves. The male image in the public vision is no longer single, which inevitably causes some controversy and confusion.

Take some middle-aged men who are "greasy" in netizens' ideal as examples: to be dignified but not greasy, to be forthright but not slovenly, to have male charm but not obscene. According to this standard, it's no wonder that some people will be 'greasy', or don't understand what 'greasy' means at all, and become the object of ridicule.

Once upon a time, middle-aged men were regarded as the group with greater influence and voice power. Now, Feng Shui turns around in turn, and it seems more and more difficult to be a competent middle-aged man, the report said. Behind the labels of "greasy man" and "warm cup", it reflects the changes of status and views of young people and women. But in any case, in the era of rapid changes in family and gender awareness, it is not easy to be a middle-aged man with work and family pressure. "Greasy" sometimes is not the state created by life style. Should uncles get more kindness and consideration?