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Which brand of children's smart watch is good? How to choose 2017 children's smart Watch

Which brand of children's smart watch is good? How to choose 2017 children's smart Watch

Sihai network: in recent years, with the concern of children's safety, children's telephone watch came into being, and more and more manufacturers are making children's telephone watch, with endless functions and styles, and uneven prices. Which brand of children's smart watch is better? Here's a summary of several major children's watch manufacturers, hoping to help parents to purchase!

1: little genius Phone Watch

No matter from sales volume, product function or word-of-mouth, little genius is undoubtedly the banner of the whole market. In terms of sales volume, xiaogenius is about three times of the second 360, and in terms of word-of-mouth, third-party evaluation and laboratory test results, xiaogenius's product innovation and quality are also ahead.

It can also be seen from the name that xiaogeni is a rare professional children's brand among large telephone manufacturers. In terms of function and product innovation, every new product of xiaogeni is also leading the industry. For example, the most important two-way call function is added to Y01 of xiaogeni's telephone watch, the concept of telephone watch is introduced into the industry, and Y02 is added to ipx7 high waterproof function. Now it is still the waterproof label of telephone watch industry In addition to water-proof, Y03 is also equipped with low-pressure quick charging function. Xiaotian is still vigorously developing new technologies and making innovations. It is said that the new product in 2017 will be ipx8 grade water-proof, that is, it can be immersed in 2M deep water for 30 minutes in a row.

Of course, in terms of price, as a benchmark brand in the industry, the price of little genius is also relatively expensive. The price ranges from more than 500 yuan to 998 yuan, which is in line with the rules of the consumer market.

2:360, sugar cat

360 and sugar cat children's watches respectively

In addition to the well-known little genius, 360 and tangmao are the two brands with the second-class popularity in the market,

360 and tangmao are the brands of 360 and search Internet companies respectively. As we all know, 360 entered the children's watch industry earlier, but the first products didn't have telephone function, and tangmao entered early. In terms of products, 360 and tangmao have good software and many functions. After all, they are from Internet manufacturers.

But in terms of hardware and manufacturing skills, the short board is obvious. For example, the most experience hardware waterproof function 360 can only achieve ipx5, sugar cat can only achieve ipx6, can only prevent sweat, rain and so on. In terms of manufacturing, neither 360 nor tangmao has its own factory, which can only be produced on behalf of the factory. In terms of flagship product price, 360 is the same as xiaogenius, and the average price of two brand products is a little cheaper than xiaogenius.

3: Xiaomi, Tencent, Huawei, abading, etc

Although the brands of this level are well-known in their own manufacturers, or the watches made before are well-known, but now in the children's phone watch market, the relatively weak brands, such as Xiaomi, Huawei and Tencent, are not focused on children's phone watches, and their products can not reach the acme, which are relatively mediocre. In 2016, abamachi almost disappeared.

Because of the industry and gene, their main energy is still in the Internet itself or the mobile phone industry. Of course, they don't have their own professional factories on watches, and hardware products are often manufactured by third-party manufacturers.

In terms of price, there are also high and low prices for this grade of products, ranging from more than 300 yuan to 999 yuan.

4: a large number of miscellaneous cards and Shanzhai

In addition to the previous brands, there are many miscellaneous brands and fake phone watches online and offline. Now, the phone watches under 200 yuan are basically the world of miscellaneous brands / fake, and the fake generally copies the appearance of the previous brands.

In terms of function, in order to reduce the cost, Shanzhai products cut corners. There is no GPS chip, WiFi chip and Bluetooth chip, and there is no waterproof design. It is known as "precise positioning", "Bluetooth connection" and "life waterproof". But the biggest problem is the safety and quality of Shanzhai. It tries its best to reduce the cost, appearance materials, batteries and other hidden dangers.

Summary: in the children's telephone watch market and children's intelligent wear market, the brand price and quality are generally divided into the above four grades, and the trusted brands are about 6. Consumers can choose different brands and products according to their acceptance ability and children's preferences. Also, parents are expected to not only look at the price, but also try to choose the regular and large brand products Product.