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What are the activities of Jinxiu China's Halloween in Shenzhen in 2018? When does the activity star

Now that the National Day is over, my friends should take heart. We should look forward to the activities of Halloween. Today, Xiao Bian is going to talk about the activities of Halloween in Shenzhen. Do you want to have a look together.

Time: October 12 to November 11, 2018

Ten year classic Museum

Venue: grape trellis

Terror index

1. The ghost blows the lamp 3. Angry and clear Xiangxi -- Pingshan ancient tomb

Venue: water splashing service area

Terror index

Grave robbers, come here! The largest haunted house in history, the height of the scene restored, 1000m? Live experience. Pingshan, Xiangxi, is a thousand year old tomb with many organs. If you want to get rich overnight, bring your little friends to move mountains and unload mountains!

2. New VR two person interactive haunted house

Venue: Huizhou Street

Terror index

New VR interactive haunted house for two people -- lethal and ferocious, holographic screen projection -- Huangmei Opera "ghost couple", cool VR game -- rhythm lightsaber, 5D three-dimensional surround real person role play, give you the most real and exciting experience!

3. Thrilling train

Location: beside Korean Village

Terror index

A dilapidated train, infected by the virus for many years, messy sleeper cars full of corpses, a zombie resurrected, to you out of ghost claws. On this car, nearly 100 meters away, you can't get off!

4. Shijia important place

Location: next to the revolving house

Terror index

The sword of the thousand year old housekeeper is waving to you. In front of you, there is a passage full of ghost hands. At the end of the road, there are messy coffins. The female ghosts in the coffin come to your face, but the road ahead is full of corpses. Only by plucking up the courage can you escape from life!

5. Legend of demon cat

Venue: VIP channel

Terror index

It's an old dreamland, a beautiful concubine, a green eyed black cat that makes you realize that all this is just a forgotten tomb and a thousand year old mummy. The demon cat takes revenge at night, and you may be next!

6. Kunchiyan hospital

Venue: Fenghuang square passage

Terror index

An abandoned mental hospital, an exploration of a spiritual ceremony, an old photo, a door that no one can open, it is said that people who come here are inexplicably missing & hellip; & hellip;

7. Dream of pear garden in Liaozhai

Venue: Siheyuan

Terror index

An old courtyard, a garden dream, let here become a lethal house, under the tree stands a beautiful woman, look back, smile, enchant your mind, you can't walk out of the courtyard!

8. Tea horse ghost collection

Venue: Chama ancient town

Hi, fun index

Naihe bridge, Guimen pass, Sansheng stone, underworld escort agency, Yihu courtyard, Mengpo teahouse, Wufu Shengong, Cangyin hall, the same as people in the ghost world, there are prosperous fairs and life atmosphere. Come to the ghost world for a night tour!

9. Deep in the jungle

Venue: revolving house of Nu nationality

Terror index

Primitive jungle, surrounded by smoke, a mysterious cave, often makes strange sounds. There have been countless explorers trying to explore the cave, only a few people can come out, go in and uncover the veil of this mysterious family!

10. Pumpkin Street

Venue: Fengyu bridge in Dongzhai

Hi, fun index

Welcome to the cute pumpkin street! Big and small jack-o-lanterns, with your children dressed up as vampires, Altman and cute little ghosts encounter, be careful!

11. Hi, fun

Venue: Baiyi square

Hi, fun index

The ghost world is full of body, sexy and gorgeous, hot dance, and funny antics of fierce ghosts & hellip; & hellip; many demons, ghosts and immortals come to the battle together. Here will be the incarnation of Huagui concert and many hilarious programs. I invite you to have a good time!

12. Human blood steamed bread war

Venue: Baiyi square

Hi, fun index

Bang bang! The underworld carnival is coming! People fight with ghosts, bloody steamed bread flies, murderous lingering, bloody smell everywhere. To get out of the siege, we have to fight with human blood steamed bread. Come and join the fight!