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What are the perfumes for 20 year old girls? 2017 perfume list

Perfume perfume woman is a classic movie. For women, perfume will increase the mystery of girls. Perfume has always been regarded as a sexy additive for mature women, but there are some perfumes in the opposite direction. It is suitable for fresh and sweet girls. The temptation of younger age is even more difficult. What are the entry level perfumes for young girls?

1, Chanel meets fresh Eau De Toilette

The green hyacinth in the front flavor is full of spring breath, which makes this fragrance instantly add infinite youth vitality. Even the rich Jasmine becomes soft and lovely, and the elegant fragrance overflows your body. The woodiness fragrance composed of amber, vetiver and patchouli makes the whole fragrance full of vitality and shows the power of vitality. The fresh floral fragrance is very suitable for little girls Use.

2. Anna Sue's dream comes true fragrance

Like the fantasy and beauty of dreams, it is the most beautiful gift that Anna Sui wants to present to little girls. This perfume has a nostalgic smell. It is dedicated to girls who have dreams. Young minds represent firmness and dreams, so that little girls can share joy in the charming world of pink.

3, Harajuku lovers doll series perfume

This series of lovely perfume consists of 5 fragrances, namely Love, Angel, Music, Bady and G. The elegant and refreshing flower fragrance brings more refreshing and joyful to the girl, and the most notable one is its bottle body design, which is the design of the doll head. It is like a glass bottle filled with fruit juice, which is sweet and lovely. You can find the one that can best represent you. Dolls.

4, Dior flower sweet perfume

Pink flower fragrance perfume, pre tune is an attractive Sicilian orange, medium tone is peony and rose pure fragrance, the keynote is patchouli and white musk. Mild pink bottle is just matched with these delicate fragrances. It is a ladies' perfume that girls can't miss, because pink is a symbol of happiness and women.

5, Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau De Toilette

Daisies bring fresh and natural feelings, elegant but charming. Wild strawberries, violet leaves and red grapefruits bring the perfect sense of smell. Gardenia seeds, violet petals and jasmines bring beautiful modern flavor. Gentle and peaceful sensual enjoyment brings women more elegant experience. This is also a good perfume for girls.