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How to deal with pilling of woolen coat

How to deal with pilling of woolen coat as the weather gets colder day by day, many kids take out woolen overcoats for heating. Woolen overcoats are very popular in recent two years, simple and generous. However, woolen overcoats are good-looking, but it's very troublesome to deal with the pilling. Let's take a look at the tips for Pilling of woolen overcoats.

Efficient method to solve pilling problem

1. If it's a big hair ball, you can cut it directly with scissors.

2. With the hair comb in the pilling place gently scrape, super easy to clean up the small hair ball~

3. It is fast and convenient to use the hair remover to remove the wool balls on sweaters and overcoats. In order to protect the texture, the sweater should be placed on the plane, and the operation should be carried out after wrinkle stretching!

4. Handle toothbrush. Use scissors to cut a few knives on one side of the toothbrush to make the side of the toothbrush uneven. Gently scratch the side of the toothbrush along the lines of the sweater to remove the hair ball.

5. Use a razor to gently shave the surface of the sweater, the wool balls are piled up ~ twist it with your hand and throw it away.

6. Also can use adhesive tape to stick, choose that kind of wide edge sticky good. But pay attention to control the strength, do not hurt the sweater.

7. It's better to use a new sponge for washing dishes. It's cleaner and harder. Just slide the raised surface over the sweater.

Although I know the skills to remove the wool ball, the most important thing to thoroughly solve the problem of pilling is the usual cleaning and nursing.

Tips to prevent pilling

Next, I'll teach you some details of washing, which can prevent pilling!

1. Cleaning: when a dirty sweater needs to be machine washed, it should be turned over first, and then put a nylon bag on the outside of the sweater, so that cleaning can avoid friction to the greatest extent and reduce the damage to the sweater~

2. Washing and adjusting agent: never use traditional washing powder to wash sweaters. Use special sweater cleaning agent or shampoo to wash sweaters. Washing the sweater with shampoo can make the sweater soft and natural, not so easy to pilling.

3. Sweater storage: when we store sweaters, remember to wrap them with storage bags or plastic bags to reduce the friction times between sweaters and other clothes, which can effectively reduce the pilling probability of sweaters!