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The 4S shop was judged to be fully responsible for the crash. Why did the owner of the luxury car cr

The 4S shop was judged to be fully responsible for the crash. Why did the owner of the luxury car crash the 4S shop? Recently, a man bought a millionaires car in the 4S shop, but he didn't expect to hit people before the license plate was on! But the 4S shop is responsible for the traffic accident. What's the matter? Let's take a look at it together!

Two days ago, a man drove the newly bought million luxury car Cayenne to the car management office to sign the license plate. Unexpectedly, he bumped people away at the intersection of the car management office! The new car hit people only three days after landing. The driver was very frightened... Unexpectedly, the driver was not responsible for the accident, but the 4S shop was responsible for it!

Three days after the new car landed, something happened

At 11:30 a.m. on November 13, Qiu drove the newly purchased Brown Porsche Cayenne car out of Xingang inspection station and drove north to south along the Blue Shield route. A temporary number plate was placed in front of the windshield of the car, and there were also 4S shop assistants on the car. They are going to get the license plate at the vehicle management office.

When arriving at the intersection of the vehicle management office, the Cayenne car slowly slowed down and pulled over. Qiu, who has been driving for more than 20 years, quickly completed the continuous stop action of stepping on the brake, pulling the handbrake and so on. I thought the car would be safe when it stopped, but what happened next surprised Qiu. Seeing the car parked, the 4S shop assistant in the back pushed the door open to get off. However, the door didn't open smoothly, but there was a loud bang.

Did the door 'dislocate'? Qiu turned around and suddenly found that an electric bicycle had fallen beside the right rear door and a person had fallen on the ground. Qiu and the 4S shop assistant were shocked by what happened suddenly. They got out of the car to check the situation. I saw Wang Mou, who was driving an electric car, get up and sit on the edge. Dou Da's cold sweat fell from his face. His expression seemed to be painful. Qiu Mou hurriedly called the police.

Open a door and knock people away

After receiving the alarm, Xiangzhou traffic police team arrived at the scene to investigate and handle. Originally, the 4S store staff was ready to get off the car. When opening the door, they didn't observe the situation behind the car, so they pushed the door open directly. Wang rode the electric car to the right rear door of the Cayenne car, and the accident happened because he couldn't dodge. Fortunately, Wang only slightly bruised his elbow, scratched his right leg, and his chest was a little red and swollen, but his body was not seriously affected. The right rear door of the new Cayenne car has a slight depression.

Because the 4S store staff did not ensure safety when opening the door, they should take full responsibility for the accident. In addition to compensation for Wang's medical expenses, they should also be responsible for the maintenance cost of the Cayenne car.

Traffic accidents are happening every day due to careless door opening. Xiaobian has more than 290000 pieces of information on Baidu at random, and more than 50000 pieces of information on death. It can be seen that door opening is also a technical activity. How can drivers and passengers in the car open the door to avoid accidents? Xiaobian once again introduces the popular "Dutch door opening" method in Zhuhai.

"Dutch door opening" is to open the door by backhand. When the driver and passenger are required to open the door, they should use the far hand to open it. At this time, the body will twist and the eyes will look out unconsciously, which is more conducive to observing the situation behind the car.