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How to dry skin in winter

How to dry skin in winter

Four seas net: the temperature is low in winter, the air is dry, the skin shrinks, and the skin will peel on the arms and legs, even on the face. How to relieve the dry skin? Here are six points to pay attention to.

[use bath products with caution] the skin is easy to dry, peel and itch in autumn. To alleviate the problem, first of all, change the habit of bathing. Put away the bath liquid containing cool substances temporarily and take out the moist bath liquid. Don't use alkaline soap, or the skin will dry and desquamate easily.

[pay attention to bath time and water temperature] many people like to take a bath in autumn and winter, but for people with dry and itchy skin, this is absolutely unacceptable. If the bath time is too long or the water is too hot, the water on the body will drain more. Generally, the bath time is controlled at about 10 minutes, and the water temperature is controlled at 37 ℃ - 40 ℃.

[use olive oil as skin care product] vitamins A, D and E in olive oil have a good effect on people with dry skin allergy, and the effect is good for people with dry skin.

[adjust diet and drink more water] the best way to replenish water is to drink boiled water directly, 1500-2000 ml per day. Because the body fluid of human body is weak acid, so more intake of basic food, such as vegetables, fruits, beans, milk, etc., can reduce skin dryness. Eat less spicy hot pot, hot pot and so on, because these foods are easy to sweat after eating, will take away a lot of water in the body.

[wear pure cotton underwear] pure cotton underwear can reduce static electricity, thus reducing the possibility of dry skin. Because chemical fiber clothing is easy to cause static electricity, resulting in dry skin.

[potted plants improve environment] it is easy to dry skin when working and living in an air-conditioned environment. You can raise flowers and grass or fish indoors. Plants have better water conservation effect and can improve the office micro environment.